How To Take Control of Your Skin Naturally

This is a guest post from Sam Negrin | creator and EIC of and editorial manager of LEAFtv

If you didn’t have skin problems as a teen, you’re lucky. But for most of us, acne and inflammation have been a regular occurrence for years. If you feel like you’re way too old to be worrying about constant acne, you aren’t alone! Skin is a tricky thing and I, for one, have tried (almost) everything. Dozens of dermatologists prescribing specialty ointments, pills, creams, brand name ‘acne treatments’ that cost over $100/bottle… you name it: my bathroom cabinet had it. Well, I finally got completely fed up with my overflowing cabinet of products that worked for 3-4 weeks and then suddenly stopped. So, I tried a different method. ALL NATURAL! That’s right. I tossed everything, bought a lemon, and started fresh.

Here are 5 tips that worked for me, and I am certain will help you on your journey to glowing skin.

1. Alkaline Your Body. This is extremely important to keeping a healthy gut (digestive tract), which directly correlates to the skin. But what does “alkaline” mean? Our body has different pH levels – ranging from acidic to alkalized. High acidity can lead to acid reflux, heart burn, digestive issues, acne, inflammation and discomfort. Today, the average person tends to lean towards the acidic side – you can pick up a pH strip at the drug store to measure yourself. In any case, research shows that balancing pH first thing in the morning leads to clearer skin and reduced inflammation. You can do this by drinking warm water with lemon or adding 1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar to a glass of water coupled with a daily probiotic.

2. You Are What You Eat. I can’t stress this enough. Your skin forms from the inside-out. High sugar and dairy intake can cause inflammation and disruption under the skin, which are a big cause of those terrible cysts. By nourishing your entire body with nutrient-dense foods that have a high amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, iron, essential fats and zinc, you are doing your skin a major favor. Think: dark leafy greens, fruit & veggies with rich colors (beets, carrots, peppers, blueberries), and anything probiotic (kombucha, yogurt). Here are 7 foods that can help. You can still treat yourself of course, but if you’re having skin problems, be careful with the sugar- and dairy-rich foods for up to 2 months and notice the results.

3. Drink Lot of H2O! Staying hydrated is essential. Drinking a substantial amount of water keeps your entire body functioning properly, notably: digestive system, which translates to glowing, dewey skin. Keep a water bottle with you at all times, and make sure to re-fill it throughout the day. No more excuses.

4. Use Good Quality Products.
Our skin forms from the inside-out, but we can drastically alter it by what we put on top. Find a skincare brand and makeup line you trust, this may take some trial-and-error. I personally love using plant-based organic products that include ingredients I actually understand (this is one of my favorites). Use non-comedogenic makeup, which is specially formulated to not block pores.

5. Get Your Beauty Sleep. Sleep is so important, and not only for the sake of our skin, but our entire being. We should be aiming for 8 hours/night, but 6 at an absolute minimum.

Dish on any of your natural skin tips in the comments below!

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  1. Can’t tell you how much I love this list!!! I had been suffering from bad cystic acne for a while and it was really bothersome esp because this went into my adulthood. I finally said enough was enough and looked up what could be causing it. Ever since then, I stopped drinking milk, changed up my face products and only use ones with natural or mostly natural products in them and I drink more water. Guess what?! … my face cleared up! It may not be completely perfect yet. I still drink milk or have dairy sometimes but it’s not often at all and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my skin. I’ll save this for others to read! 🙂

  2. Great tips! I totally agree with them. What you eat, what you drink and especially consistency of products you use is quite important.

  3. Love how useful is this! Being a all natural girl, I was kinda tired of beauty posts full of chemical –and expensive– stuff! Skin and haircare starts at our daily habits!

  4. I love your tips! My biggest tip is to wash your face with cold water every morning and evening+ applying a moisturizer afterwards 🙂

  5. Could not agree more with this post. What I eat ends up on my face. I once drank alkaline water for 2weeks straight and my face was spotless. Taking a probiotic every day is a must for me. I’m also going to start taking cod liver supplements because I hear it clears up skin and prevents breakout!

  6. All good tips. I make sure to get enough sleep and take a daily probiotic. I truly believe the best approach to acne is through diet. Cutting out dairy and reducing saturated fat has worked wonders for my cystic, hormonal acne. If you’d like to try this diet, please visit my website for some recipes! You can also read my story and see my before and after pics at

  7. All these are very good and honest tips to keep anyone healthy and looking younger than they real age. I can testify to this, because it is what I do daily. It is very in expensive yet very profitable

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