3 Hairstyles Inspired By Herbal Essences

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Mornings are an important part of my day. I like to wake up early and wake up slow then fill the early hours with things that make me feel good: a cuddle session, hot water with lemon, a short walk, nutrient packed smoothies and an extra hot shower which is where I set my intentions (Pharrell and Paul McCartney do the same). What does that mean? Simply put, it’s like mapping out my thoughts and and actions for the day.

I’m not the only one who prioritizes a hot shower. Herbal Essences recently did a ‘Shower Power Survey’ and they found that nine out of 10 American women agree that taking time to enjoy their morning shower transforms the rest of their day AND that it is one of the few times during the day where they get to truly “escape.” Furthermore, 65% of American women think skipping a shower would have a worse impact on their day than skipping breakfast. They discovered that after an enjoyable shower experience 69% of women feel relaxed, 56% feel prepared for the day, 52% feel happy and 50% feel attractive.

Because the shower experience is such an important part of my day, the products I use are too. So, when Herbal Essences challenged me use their Wild Naturals shampoo/conditioner over the course of one week I was game. I had used Herbal Essences products in the past and loved how rejuvenating and energizing they made me feel.

Similar to how perfume can make you feel feminine or sexy or flirty, the scent of your shampoo can do the same. Empowered by the intoxicating bright and positive aromas of the basil and cassia flower scented Herbal Essences products, I found myself feeling motivated and inspired to have a little more fun with my hair.  I’m the queen of wash-and-go and/or the high bun but this week I was going to push myself to change things up.

On day one I went for beachy waves. Believe it or not, I’ve never taken the time to do this on my own but I felt so polished! Mid-week, I added a bit of a wave again to rock a textured high pony and for the end of the week I went to a braid bar and opted for a crazy fishtail bun which I LOVED! Note to self: must go to more braid bars.

The inspiration to switch things up went beyond my hair though, I vowed not to wear any denim that week, didn’t go to any of my usual food spots and forced myself to go alone to events and talk to people I don’t know (usually I drag someone with me). Was I just motivated for change or is it possible that an intoxicating shampoo scent could have been the driver?

Photos: Eddie Brakha

*This post is sponsored by Herbal Essences

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  1. I really love Herbal Essences shampoo, they always smell so good. I like the highh pony hairstyle featured here. It is easy and doesn’t take much effort in making. I usually go that one when I’m running late and I can’t realy keep my hair open. http://www.iamj.es/

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