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geri hirsch
Do you ever get in the habit of wearing the same exact thing everyday for three days straight until you move onto the next three day uniform? I’ve been in that zone for the last few weeks and as of two days ago this is my latest go-to: a black Sandro dress + DYLANLEX necklace + ZARA flats + Ray Bans + Saint Laurent small fringe bucket bag.

Does this make me totally lazy or totally efficient?

What are your go-to uniforms?

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  1. Yes. god. I had to literally throw away this ribbed turtleneck dress I randomly found at Zara one day. There came a point where I was actually reaching for it to run errands, to get coffee, whatever. All the time. Had to switch it up!

    Now my uniform on casual days : flare high waisted jeans, a little knit cropped top, and my boots.

    love this fit on you!

  2. black gap turtleneck, black slacks with flats & on wkends all black addidas track pants ugg boots in winter – black v-neck tee & black coach flip flops in summer!

  3. This happens to me all the time! When something feels good to wear and looks good I often can’t help myself. Also – for me, every time
    This happens the clothes are black! Love your outfit 🙂

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