3 Simple Packing Tips For Cold Weather Trips

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With December finally here it’s time for those cold winter travels. As a California girl I use to really struggle with packing for cold weather which resulted in major overpacking. After years of paying overweight fees I’ve learned a few tricks that keep the luggage fairly light but the outfit options vast.

So, if you’re heading someplace cold, here three packing tips that will make your life easier:

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1. Take lots of textured layers that work well together. I like packing with a palette in mind so that you have many options when you mix and match. Here I went with whites, greys, chambrays and neutrals with my favorite accessories.

Pictured: Eddie Bauer Cable Pullover SweaterTranquil Boyfriend Shirt in Indigo & Adventurer Ripstop Jacket

2. Nighttime options must be warm. Nighttime options are often not cold weather friendly but this year things are different. Enter the must wear piece of winter 2015: The turtleneck. The trend is not only warm but it’s also chic AF! Paired with jeans or leather skinnies or with my personal favorite, a pencil skirt, tights and boots, you can’t go wrong. For really cold temps layer pieces underneath.

Pictured: Eddie Bauer Cable Turtleneck Sweater & Women’s Solstice Skirt


3. A warm parka is key. A warm parka is the single most important item you’ll need for a cold weekend trip and Eddie Bauer has a variety of  options that will get the keeping you warm job done. Also, tights are always a good layering idea if you’re a real freeze baby.

Pictured: Eddie Bauer Snowline Baselayer Pants & Sidekick Bomber Jacket

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**This post is sponsored by Eddie Bauer**

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  1. Thank you so much for these packing tips 🙂 I always have such trouble packing (no matter if it’s summer or winter), but I always tend to overpack even more than usual for the colder months haha! These are such helpful tips, and I’ll definitely be using them when I go on trips!

    XO, Elizabeth

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