5 Styling Tricks To Save Time In the Morning

styling tips
There are a few tricks every fashion-girl needs to know when it comes to looking effortless in wardrobe staples. We took a nod from the editor’s at Harpers Bazaar for some tips on how to make “sloppy” look sophisticated. Including tricks on how to shorten your pants without the tailor and roll up your jacket sleeves without looking like a mess… winning!

Here are 5 styling tricks to help you save time in the morning and a video for more detailed directions:

  1. Pant Tuck & Roll: Grab fabric 1 or 2 inches above the hem line and tuck the remaining fabric underneath, then straighten your hem.
  2. The “Jenna Lyons” Sleeve Roll: Fold the sleeve in half and pull to upper arm, then roll the fold up again and stop below the cuff.
  3. Choose Your Tuck:  1) The Editor Shirt Tuck: Tuck one side that lays beneath the button panel,
  4. Choose Your Tuck: 2) The Frat Shirt Tuck: Tuck the front half and leave the back half out.
  5. The Jacket Sleeve Push-Up: Place a hair tie or rubber band above the elbow then gather the fabric above to a spot you like. Hide the band under one of the folds.


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  1. This maybe isn’t a popular credit, but I always associate the “Jenna Lyons” sleeve roll with Abercrombie & Fitch. That’s the same roll A&F has implemented for all their displays, and something I continued to do after leaving that retail job 8 years ago. Perhaps it’s actually more widespread throughout all retail, too – never noticed.

    1. I agree with you. Abercrombie anf Fitch have been doing this for years. I think that their is no point in getting their clothing products because the only thing that changes is the color. They need to get their fashion trends a lot better or make their prices cheaper.

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