My Skin Brushing Routine

Skin Brushing Dry Skin Brush Dr Bronners Organic Magic Soap rose oil Skin Brushing
Skin is our largest organ and it’s one that involves elimination – one third of your body’s toxins are excreted through the skin. So, when I read an article about the wellness benefits of an ancient practice called skin brushing I figured why not try it?! Apparently dry skin brushing can stimulate your lymphatic system which helps remove toxins from the body, increases circulation, exfoliates the skin unclogging pores, reduces cellulite and is known to cause stress relief.

With nothing to lose, I ordered this natural bristle skin brush (I later bought this one so that I could reach my back) and began brushing once a day for 3-5 minutes before showering. I start from my ankles and brush in small circular motions, working my way toward my heart. After brushing I hop into the shower and wash my body with Dr Bronners Organic Eucalyptus Magic Soap then dry off and moisturize with an all natural oil such as this one or this one.

I’m four months into skin brushing and yes, I still have cellulite, but I do feel the benefits and love having the practice as part of my wellness routine. I find it to be a meditative experience that leaves me feeling invigorated and the regular exfoliation has noticeably made my skin softer, smoother, more toned and well hydrated.

Have you tried it? Are you into it?

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  1. Can you expand a bit more about what kind of benefits you say you feel? What exactly do you feel this practice is doing for you? I am very interested in trying it if there are real benefits. Especially in the cellulite arena. Thanks

  2. Yes, thanks to your mention on Snapchat a few months back, I thought I would give it a try too! I am loving the morning ritual and have noticed a difference in the softness of my skin as well. Fingers crossed it will help with cellulite too…but have been awarded a few more weeks of winter on the east coast to have to expose any areas just yet to notice. 😉 Thanks again!

  3. Hi, I bought the long brush and when I tried to use it dry it seemed so hard. I haven’t used it all over because of this. I use it on my back and arms lightly. I wonder if your brush felt hard at first? I have sensitive skin. Pat S

  4. I haven’t tried it yet, but I have to say it sounds intruiging! Taking to time to take care of yourself, mind as well as body, is just so important in my opinion. And if you say it has a medative aspect to it, it just might be the perfect extension of my beauty routine 🙂 I’ll definitely give it a shot!

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