My Go-To Simple Rose Arrangement

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Flower arranging is not my strong suit. I’m more of a toss a few peonies in a vase kind of girl but I do have one up my sleeve and this simple rose arrangement is it! Maurice from Bloom & Plume (who is the most amazing florist I’ve ever witnessed) taught me how to make it and it’s so easy but high impact! Here’s how to make it:

You will need:
A medium sized round vase
Two dozen roses

1. Remove leaves and cut stems at an angle so that they’re just slightly taller than the vase.
2. Start by laying flowers diagonally along the perimeter of your vase then build toward the middle to create a roundness to the arrangement. Be sure to turn the arrangement to watch it’s shape as you go.
3. Give it a final jujjjj, add water and enjoy!

P.S. My top is the Exclusive for Intermix Rakeem Embroidered Linen Jacket and the watering can the x3 Watering Can by Paul Loebach & Kontextür


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