A Healthy Summer Detox

It’s officially summer (yayyy), a season that I absolutely love! The sun is shining, the days are longer—it all kinda feels like a fresh start to me. It’s the perfect time to pick up new good-for-you routines and detox from the chilly months. Here are 10 ways to feel light and healthy all summa long:

  1. Give your nails a break from polish/chemicals. A simple manicure sans color is natural-chic and excellent for your nails.
  2. Take Vitamin C supplements which can flush toxins.
  3. H2O on the go. Prep water bottles (like this one) for all your summer events. Adding cucumber or mint is an extra way to digest and depuff.
  4. Take advantage of the sunlit mornings to start an a.m. workout routine and sweat it out!
  5. Replace dessert with hydrating fruit like watermelon which also removes toxins from your body. Frozen fruit popsicles anyone?
  6. Make iced green tea your go-to. It’s refreshing and full of detoxing benefits.
  7. Skin brush + oil massage to exfoliate toxins from your skin.
  8. Pack winter stuff away. Clearing your closet of anything you won’t wear instantly adds a sense of lightness to your life.
  9. Let your hair air dry. Chlorine and salt water are drying enough in the warmer months, so give your strands a break where you can.
  10. Skip the foundation. Tinted moisturizers are light and don’t weigh your skin down, and nobody likes a heavy face of makeup when it’s hot.

Do you have summer detox ideas?

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  1. These are great ideas and just in time for summer! I definitely eat lighter and healthier and drink way more water but I love all tips for your skin and hair as well. I also like to use an oil diffuser this time of year to help my sinuses from drying out. Great post! XO -Kim

  2. I love this! My summer detox is basically no nail polish, minimal makeup (only a tiny bit of kohl eyeliner), and no hair styling/heat. I feel so much freer in the summer, and it really feels great come fall to take up all those habits again – although that’s not really the point!
    xx Alyssa

  3. What amazing tips! I’m so bad at staying hydrated I love this idea about putting some cucumber or lemon in your water! Plus its time for me to abandon dessert for summer body – and popsicles are always a good idea!


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