The Copper Water Bottle Everyone Is Talking About

copper water bottle + geri hirsch copper water bottle benefits copper water bottle
I worked on a collaboration with The Chalkboard a few weeks back and the Creative Director was carrying a beautiful copper water bottle. Obviously I inquired and it turns that not only is it $20 on Amazon (here) but apparently drinking out of a copper water bottle has Ayurvedic health benefits. Like what you wonder (or at least I sure as hell did)? Evidently drinking out of copper vessels can help reduce inflammation, aids liver and spleen function, helps improves digestion, has anti-aging properties, stimulates the brain, boosts your immune system and the list goes on (you can read more here and here). Plus, the copper kills any harmful bacteria that may be floating around in your H2o.

On my endless quest to wellness I’m giving the copper water bottle a try.  It’s been two weeks and so far I don’t feel any different BUT I have made new friends. Everyone and their mom asks about it (especially on Snapchat –> gerihirsch). She’s a beauty! The one downside is that you’re suppose to let the water sit for 4-8 hours inside the copper vessel prior to drinking. This obviously isn’t ideal since most of us fill and go so I’ve set a nighttime reminder to fill the bottle before bed.

So, are copper water bottles just a fashionable way to consume H20 or will they be the wellness star of 2016? We’ll just have to find out. More to come…

I’m wearing: ALC top, vintage Levi’s shorts, IRO jacket, Madewell Zip Transport tote & Krewe de Optic St. Louis sunglasses

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  1. Actually people in countries like Iran use copper pots and pans to prepare and cook food too. They believed that doing this can be useful for body and health. Even nowadays that there are different kinds of dishes available for fast cooking, some people still keep using copper to cook.

  2. Yeah, no, must of us already have too much copper, especially women. It can be quite toxic and overpower other minerals such as zink, which we are often deficient in and make that deficiency even bigger. Copper toxicity is A REAL THING!!!

  3. Can I use these lovely photos in my listing for Copper Bottles? I LOVE THESE BOTTLES so much that I started selling them on AMZ… but won’t post without permission, blessings, Win

    1. p.s. If you want to give your readers a 50% off code I can post one, again, with permission. Our little family business can use the reviews…hope this is all right! We only sell ONE THING and it’s these wonderful bottles! 😉

  4. Is this really made from copper or is this copper-colored only? I am currently using water bottles made from insulated stainless steel water bottle but I might consider using this one too.

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