10 Ways To Practice Self Love

10 Ways To Practice Self Love
The definition of self love is, “regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic)” and it’s an essential practice in my life. It’s tough to remember to make time for yourself, so if you’re runnin’ low, here are ways to up the love:

  1. Positive mantras. Give yourself a saying to repeat throughout your day. Some that I love: Focus on the good, make yourself proud, I accept myself in this moment, get it girl!
  2. Nourish your body. I find that when I’m feeling blah, eating a healthy, filling meal makes me feel good about myself, plus it adds energy.
  3. End negative relationships. An amazing thing about being an adult is we get to choose who we spend our time with (most of the time!). Choose people who leave you feeling better about yourself, never worse.
  4. Take time to do something you love. Spend whatever extra time you have in your day and do something YOU enjoy. That’s different for all, but for me it’s a mani/pedi, stretching, the newest Drake album, or heading to the beach.
  5. Be kind. It’s hard when you aren’t feeling your best, but a quick way to feel good is to add positivity to someone else’s day.
  6. Say no. When I’m feeling low, it’s usually because I’m committing to too many things I’m not excited about. Clearing my schedule not only frees up time, but it also takes the weight of having to do something off my shoulders.
  7. Clean up! Clean your house, take a shower, throw an outfit you love on. You’ll feel better once your environment and self are all shiny.
  8. Meditate. Taking time to settle your body and mind is a quick, easy self-care break.
  9. Get sleep. I prioritize zzz’s for a few nights.
  10. Ignore social media. Comparison kills self love, so give your mind a day off from comparing yourself to Beyonce.

How do you love yourself?

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  1. Painting ,Hiking,Drawing,taking a bath,doing quality leisure.Spending time with those I love.and meditating!Getting a good nights sleep!

  2. Trying to stay fit is my way of self-love! I do think that we owe it to our wonderful, capable bodies to take good care of it. I fail to do so sometimes but I try to work it out whenever I can.

  3. Hey Chelsea,

    These are really nice points. Being in love with yourself defiantly a way to get success in life. You gonna get more confidence to move up without worries.

  4. These are great reminders–I need to print this out and keep it close. Especially the last one, ignoring social media (esp as a blogger) can be challenging.

  5. SAY NO! That is my favorite and something I have found that I am happier with now practicing! LOVE THIS POST.

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