A Career Milestone

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Growing up, I was inspired by independent women and knew that I’d strive to be one as an adult. The idea of being able to support myself and be a self starter was even more appealing, and something I’m proud to say that I’ve managed! Running this blog and starting LEAFtv has sincerely been a dream come true.

LEAF has been a labor of love, and after years of working on it 24/7—thank you concealer and coffee—we were fortunate enough to sell the company! It was one of the best times of my life and definitely the biggest career milestone yet.

To celebrate us selling, I obviously toasted with champagne, but I wanted to reward myself with a personal token of all the hard work too. I needed something representative of it being a career accomplishment. A watch seemed like the ultimate treat to celebrate this fulfilling chapter. To me, watches represent confidence in an understated way, and selling the company gave me such an empowering boost. And I know this is totally cheesy, but what’s a better way to celebrate a moment in time than a watch?!

I fell in love with the Baume & Mercier Classima watch, as it was a perfect guilt-free symbol of crushing a career goal. Its style is timeless, yet the larger face gives off a cool vibe. I know I’ll be able to wear it forever and with whatever. It can be incorporated into future business meetings or dressed down to add sleekness to my weekends. It’s simply the chicest way to stay punctual.

I hope everyone treats themselves when killing goals, and here’s to many more watch-worthy moments for us all! What’s been a rewardable moment in your life or career?

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  1. Hellllll yes, girl! I’ve followed you since the beginning and appreciate that you aren’t like the rest of the bloggers who I consider to be narcissistic egomaniacs who are famous because of the work their photographers do. Way to show the rest of them what it means to be a BUSINESS and not an instagram star.

  2. The most memorable moment of my life is walking you down the isle to marry the man you were suppose to marry.That meant that I had the honor and privilege of walking both my girls down the Isle to marry wonderful men.There is nothing greater.Recieving my Doctorate cant even touch those memories!xo

  3. That is an amazing milestone! Congrats and yes, a watch is the perfect gift. Years ago when I worked for Chanel as an MUA, I was given a Chanel watch as a gift to celebrate a stellar year. I’ve loved that watch and tend to give watches now as gifts for new careers, graduations, etc. Well deserved…and on to the next milestone.

    Yanira | http://yaniragarza.com

  4. Really inspiring to read about how far you’ve come! As an aspiring blogger, I hope one day I can write about my career milestone- and look as good as you doing it!

    Amazing job, you should be very proud of yourself!

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