Why Alone Time Is So Important

why alone time is so important
Being social is something I’ve always associated myself with and enjoyed, but as I get older, I’m noticing that my love for spending time in solitude is just as pleasant—if not more. When I first felt this pull, I suffered from FOMO (fear of missing out) and forced myself to continue being busy with social functions. And while all were fun and I loved being out and seeing people, I always ended those days wishing I had more time for myself. So I gave in.

I started saying no to more invites and instead took that time for me. Time to simply lounge, or apply a face mask while watching bad TV. Or even time to get my laundry and errands done so that I could cross off the nagging to-do list lingering in the back of my mind. Even the mundane tasks started feeling nice since I treasured my alone time so much. Sure, missing out on fun events that are blasted on my Instagram feed pinged at first, but then it turned into a welcomed embrace of feeling content.

Constantly being involved socially was draining, and without that necessary time for myself, I was exhausting my energy without really realizing it. Now that I make it a priority to schedule in alone time each week, I not only feel more relaxed, productive, and happy, but I also get super excited to go out since those times are now limited. I’m not always thinking of ways to bail on social commitments because I’ve already assessed whether it’s more valuable than me time.

If you want some solo time, say no to something social this week! Here are other ideas that I personally love to do while alone:

  1. Clean out my closet and shop for what I need (or want, same thing right?).
  2. Run a bath with candles and relaxing music, and sit in there until I get cold.
  3. Get a massage.
  4. Take a walk with just my headphones.
  5. Cook a yummy, healthy meal of what I want to eat. Or dive into sushi takeout.
  6. Blast music of my choice while driving down the coast.
  7. Try a new workout video that makes me look ridic (usually anything dance-related).
  8. Watch endless YouTube makeup tutorials from bed.
  9. Cut out pages from magazines and make an inspiration board.
  10. SLEEP!

How do you like to spend your alone time?


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  1. I may be *too* good at getting alone time! Seriously, though, it’s how I recharge as an introvert. I am a super nerd and love all things reading, writing, and just thinking! And dude, you mentioned a dance workout dvd, Country Heat is on point for that lol

  2. This is sooooooo me! This past Friday I wanted to stay home and literally do nothing since I knew I had a big weekend coming up with friends in town arriving the next morning. When some casual friends asked what I had planned for the evening, I said sitting on my couch. They acted like that was the worst possible thing I could be doing on the eve of the holiday weekend. I was like grow the f up! I’m 34. Can I get some rest? Take a bath? Not talk to other humans beings for one night? I really don’t have FOMO, like, ever. I just get annoyed when people “shame” me for staying in when that is my prerogative!

  3. I agree! Living and working in the city (constantly being around so many people), I crave for alone time a lot. I’ve been spending all my weekends at home lately. Just cleaning, writing, catching up on my favorite TV shows. I’ve stopped feeling FOMO when I realized that not all of the things I want to do add quality to my life anyway.

  4. I couldn’t agree more! I’ve always considered myself a social type, too, but I’ve recently realised I’m a lot more relaxed and less anxious if I don’t go out every time I have an opportunity and schedule some time for myself instead. Just like you said – having less social events makes me look forward to them much more!

    When I’m alone, I love to:
    – curl up in my armchair with a cup of tea and a good book
    – do a “SPA day” at home – take a bubbly bath, put on a face mask, do my nails, apply a rich, beautifully-smelling body butter
    – spend some time checking what’s new in stores and occasionaly get something just because it’s pretty. Also, shop for healthy groceries.
    – Take a walk and capture something beautiful to post on Instagram

    Have a great day!



  5. I agree, I’ve noticed a shift in myself this past year with needing more alone time too. I really enjoy having the down time to clean, run errands, read my books and give myself a little spa night. It’s interesting because I am the only one of my friends at this point who feels like this (I’m 27), and they’ve all started to notice that I really need that time to myself. I catch myself still occasionally trying to push to say yes to more things, but then I’ll realize I’m just doing it to please others and I remind myself that I have nothing to prove. I really am happier when I can set aside that time to recharge!

    Thanks for this post and appreciate knowing that it’s good for me just how it is. 🙂 xo

  6. I have very little time alone at my house, so when I do have a few hours to myself, I either use it to catch up on uninterrupted house cleaning (what a drag) or I binge watch TV programs that I love and the others in my family don’t. I also love dancercise.

  7. I’m becoming more accustomed to my own company as I get older, I even delight in an evening all to myself, no husband or friends. I would challenge you to a walk without headphones or phone. I always become a bit antsy without them when I’m walking, something else we become used to. When I force myself to do without and just let my brain whirl, I actually have all sorts of excellent ideas – well after about 20mins of walking first. Give it a bash

    Honestly Aine

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