How I Get A Perfect Makeup Look

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One of my recent focuses has been to simplify my beauty routine. I have a ton of products (WAY too many) in my makeup drawer, but I’ve been on a mission to streamline my collection to products that I simply can’t live without…and can incorporate every single day. I’m living for quality products that I can use no matter what I’m wearing or what beauty look I’m going for.

For me, two of those products are made by Givenchy and are luckily just sold down at Sephora. I’m all about beautiful skin + a bold lip for colder months, so a little attention to both areas and I’m out the door. Just like their clothes, everything about Givenchy screams quality to me, and I love how their items stand up on their own. I’m all about a simple face, so Givenchy’s powder and lipstick are at times all I’ll use. They give me the perfect look in less than a few minutes and feel nice on my skin.

Le Prisme Visage Perfecting Face Powder is amazing because there are four shades in one compact that mattify, set, and finish, depending on what you want or need. Oh and did I mention it’s all made out of silk extract?? Now that’s the kind of quality I’m talking about. For my specific skin color (I’m pretty fair), the Satin Ivoire shade is perfection. I’ll slab on a little SPF, then use this kit to make my face look bright and put together.

Then, once my skin looks flawless, I’ll use the Rouge Interdit Vinyl Lipstick in Noir Révélateur to set my look for the day. This lipstick is super unique because it reacts to the pH of your skin, so it works on literally everyone—and believe me I’ve made my girlfriends test it. I love the way it looks different on each woman, but amazing on each. My favorite part is that it’s formulated with black rose oil, so it keeps my ultra dry lips hydrated even throughout colder days, plus it even plumps them up a bit. Bottom line, it’s the sexiest everyday lipstick I’ve ever owned!

I’d love to know, what are the makeup products you can’t live without?





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  1. I know what you mean about wanting to stream line your beauty look – I’ve ben trying to clean out all my products because I just have so many that I don’t really use anymore! I do think I need to make place for this lipstick though – I love items that react with your pH level because it just makes it so much more personal!


  2. Natural face bold lips is what I wear almost everyday so this appeals to me. I’m searching for a new base but apart from that I can’t do without concealer, brow gel and lipstick

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