I Tried 5 New Workouts In 5 days and Here’s What Happened

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November was an odd month for me. I’d been feeling a bit uninspired and drained, and my workouts weren’t exciting me much. I don’t know if it was the funk of the month or what, but I was craving a remix when it came to fitness.

Instead of my normal workout routine—which I usually love—I wanted to push myself further. Each day after work, I tried a new workout, a.k.a 5 workouts in 5 days ahh! And let me tell you…I’ve never been so sore or refreshed. Switching things up drastically was just what I needed to feel more like myself and re-inspired. Something about new challenges and experiences is incredibly rewarding, right?

Below is what I took and a bit about each class. I stuck to ASICS clothing and their new shoe—the fuzeXTMTR sneakers—and was blown away at how versatile they were for each very different workout. Love the simplicity of having one pair of gym shoes for whatever fitness routine I’m craving.

Rise Nation – OMG. This class kills but in such a great way. It’s a quick 30 minutes but you’re working extremely hard. The music is loud and amazing, kind of like SoulCycle, but you’re on climbing machines instead of bikes. It’s an incredible workout for your booty, legs, and arms, and this is perfect for a post-weekend detox.

Modelfit – This finally made its way to LA, yay! I was intimidated by the name and the fact that this is the workout for a lot of Victoria’s Secret models, but I was luckily totally comfortable once there. I took their Sculpt class which was isolated movements with high reps (kinda like a barre class). This kicked my butt but I appreciated that I wasn’t super sweaty and could go on with my night.

LEKfit – This was a life-saver. I didn’t have time for a class one day but had been wanting to try these. It’s all online, so you can do it anywhere and anytime. There are workouts of all different lengths and focus areas. I personally needed a core workout, so that’s what I searched for. Great workouts to tone.

Prevail Boxing – I already box a bit with my trainer so I knew the basics, but this was FUN and sweaty—such a great cardio experience. It’s a circuit-style class so you’re constantly moving and switching things up. The instructors are welcoming and totally encouraging, so this was perfect for the end of my week.

Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio – It’s hard to get me to the gym on a Saturday, but taking Kennis’ class was the ideal solution. I had a girlfriend join me and it seriously felt like we were out at a club (minus the hangovers!). So much fun!! This studio keeps it light and fun and everyone was friendly.

Thanks to ASICS for sponsoring this post. All thoughts are truthfully my own!


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  1. Love trying new workouts to switch things up. I can’t wait to try boxing again once my shoulder feels better. I’ve heard about how tough Rise Nation is and am interested in this Modelfit class! Have you tried aerial silks yet? My favorite spot is Air Aerial Fitness in WeHo.

  2. Lovely pictures! I find mixing it up with workouts is a great way to fall back in love with it all and find some new inspiration to get up and go! I also love boxing cardio sessions, great way to get sweaty!

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