17 Ways To Get Organized In 2017

17 ways to get organized in 2017- read
The start of a new year is all about setting goals, calming down from the holidays, and trying to muster up motivation to actually live out the resolutions you’ve set. And something that helps to save energy and have a strong year is being organized. Before even trying to accomplish your #2017 goals, spend a little time getting your life and spaces in order. Here are 17 ways to do that:

  1. Go through your inbox and unsubscribe from junk mail (I like using unroll.me to help expedite the process).
  2. Clean out your desk drawer. Only put essentials back in and trash the rest.
  3. Put all of your travel products into one case instead of randomly stuck all over your bathroom.
  4. Spend time organizing your linen closet and donate anything that doesn’t have a set, or things like old towels.
  5. Keep a couple reusable bags in your trunk for groceries and errands. After unloading, place them by your front door to grab next time you head out.
  6. While watching TV, grab your computer and go through old files, pictures, etc. Do the same with your phone. Clear up that memory and data!
  7. Open your fridge and pantry. If you won’t eat it but it’s still fresh, take it to your local food shelter. Compost anything past the expiration date (extra pantry motivation here courtesy of Gwyneth Palrow).
  8. Set recurring orders on Amazon depending on how often you need household items. I do the same thing with beauty products.
  9. Finally clear out what’s under your bed, or at the least put all knick knacks in bins.
  10. Each Sunday, write a grocery list and meal schedule. Shop once a week OR use Instacart to shop for you (for new instacart customers here’s a special discount code for $10 off and free delivery until the end of January: “BIADDICATED” – you’re welcome!)
  11. Clean out your sock and bra drawer. Whatever has holes or is dirty or you simply never ever reach for because they’re too tight/loose/itchy/you know the pairs I’m talking about should be thrown out.
  12. Do you really need 900 pens? Pick your favorites, live minimally.
  13. Look in your medicine cabinet—I guarantee there’s expired medicine. Stock up on what you’ve thrown out.
  14. Make a folder for your 2016 taxes and collect any necessary paperwork.
  15. Look at your calendar and plan out this year’s health appointments. Do the same thing for hair cuts and any other personal maintenance.
  16. Figure out a skincare routine that works for you, and only keep those products.
  17. Go through your social media channels and unfollow the accounts you don’t enjoy. Don’t waste time or energy on them.

All simple things, but I promise each will make you feel better—and life easier. What organizing tips do you have for me?


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  1. I love this post! It’s hilarious and so true. Every little bit counts.Iespiecially love #12. I love my stationary and I don’t know if I could let go. Too many pen pots and yet somehow I never use 50% of them. Thanks for sharing! I will be saving this list for later

    Alexis xoxo | http://www.alexisanneofficial.com

    Instagram: @lexxianne

    Twitter: @AlexisAnneBlog

  2. Hey…, I was amazed to see every step of the begging of my year at your list.

    If one advice that served me can do for you is to group the tasks according to space and then priority. So then once you are at position, you know all you have to do, first things first. I am an hierarchy funk, what can I say…


  3. Thankyou so much for the tip on email spam my, inbox was drowning in it. Couple of presses on the old buttons and all gone. Your other tips I have already started my year off doing. Great blog, keep up your great work

  4. Such good (and not entirely common) tips for keeping productive! I’ve shared this blog post on my Facebook page to hopefully inspire some fellow readers to take up these habits!

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