Please Advise!

Dear lovely readers of this here blog,

Over the last two years this blog has transitioned quite a bit and I’d love to know more about what you are and are not enjoying. So, I ask you kindly, please let me know:

1. What type of content are you enjoying most? Weekly wellness challenges? Recipes? Clean beauty? DIY beauty? Outfits? Self love & mindfulness?

2. What would you like to see more of on this blog? Fashion? Decor? More personal posts? Fitness? You name it!

3. Anything you don’t care for?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and your thoughts will highly inform my future editorial strategy so please, please, please, don’t be shy! If you’re not comfortable writing in the comments feel free to email me:

Thank you, thank you.





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  1. Hey Geri, this response might not be the most helpful, but essentially write whatever it is that you enjoy… if your followers are true followers, they’ll stay and read. I personally love more lifestyle, wellness and beauty post!

  2. To be honest I’m new to your blog, but I’ll answer them anyway 🙂

    I love when there’s more than one subject on a blog, but I specially like the outfits and Self-love & mindfulness. There’s nothing I don’t care about, that’s why we’re bloggers, post what makes you feel good, what you enjoy the most, have fun!

    Kisses | Live. Laugh. Love. & Make Up

  3. I asked you this on snapchat but I’ll ask again, can you write about how you deal with thyroid issues?

  4. Have you done a daily food diary? I always like those and I would love to know what your diet is like.

  5. Love the self love and mindfulness, would love to see more personal posts, outfits, and home decor! The glimpses of your home that I’ve seen so far are gorg.

  6. I loooooooove everything you post. Specially the zen ones, wellness, etc

    Your email comes around 6.30 pm when I come back from home and it brings such a fresa air with it, i wish you could feel the comfort I feel when i see your mail in my inbox.

    It feels good!

  7. 1. What type of content are you enjoying most? Recipes. DIY beauty. Self love & mindfulness. Also, love hearing about your “routines” (shopping list you posted, morning routines, evening routines)

    2. What would you like to see more of on this blog? More Decor for sure. More personal posts are great too!

  8. I’m interested in you and would like to learn more about you. Personal posts, marriage, health, routines and stuff like that.

  9. Love all the wellness content and recommended products you’re using/trying! I’m also the nosiest blog reader around and personal posts are my favorite, there’s a person behind the computer screen and I love getting to know her! I also love looking to LA bloggers for recommendations on places to try (eating, drinking, wellness related, etc.) when I’m out there – what you’re loving right now and forever favorites. It’s so big, it can be hard to know where to even start!

  10. I know this is a big ask but what about more than one post per day? Your blog is my favorite and I can’t get enough!

  11. I enjoy when you share personal posts. Miss when your snaps were open and we could snap you. But I get that can be a lot and people misbehave. You’re doing amazing!

  12. I think your blog and social media are fantastic! However, I do wish you would reply to your followers and interact on social media when asked on certain products, recipes or anything related to your posts. Also, I would love to see individual posts dedicated to what you eat in a day! Thanks so much!

  13. G!
    You know I’m a HUGE fan of yours, I love your mixed content. It fits right into my own personal lifestyle and I’m learning so much about health, beauty and food. Personally I love your music recommendations so continue to toss out a tune or two. I also miss your YouTube LeafTV content.

  14. Personal Posts! I feel like all we see is this perfect, put together wellness/fashion guru. I wish we could see the more imperfect, human side of you!

  15. I appreciate that your not a me me me blogger like the rest of them but with that said you could be doing more on social to promote yourself. I bet you it would go a long way for you.

  16. I love posts about food, routines, personal stuff and travel. What I like less is fashion. Also, I am reading from Spain so I love reading about how different things are for us readers living in different parts of the planet and how do we live our lives 🙂 thank you!

  17. I am a new reader and came to your blog because it was different than the, in my opinion, overdone, sale/outfit shopping blog. I love the mindfulness, wellness, challenge aspect of your blog. I am probably a little older than your average older 🙂

    1. Yes! Was gonna let another comment to say that – mindfulness and cleanliness is about thinking our habits of overconsuming too – brand naming is so ugly, and tacky. I was happy when you talked about detoxing the closet, because thats something we only see with concepts like capsule wardrobe and a fake kind of minimalism attached. Its not about that, is about rationalizing our needs, the toll stuff has in our lifes, and our impact in the environment and global society. You touched all the right notes without sounding like you were preaching. A light tone, so needed.

  18. I’m a new reader, I was drawn to your blog by a specific post “January Clean Beauty” I am in the process of transitioning my makeup/skincare to clean products and stumbled upon your blog. I would love to see more on this in the future. I’d say Beauty is the content I enjoy most. I followed along after going through all of your beauty posts, and I’m staying because of your Wellness and Beauty posts. Recipe posts fall low on my list, most often I don’t even read them. That’s just me though. Same with exercise posts. I hope this is helpful.

  19. I love reading the blog every day! The posts relating to detoxing your home and makeup have been so helpful! I also love the fashion posts and recipes! You’re the best!


  20. Weekly wellness challenges are wonderful. Maybe some more things on sustainable living/eco fashion/makeup.

  21. You were doing a column about trying cryo, vaginal steaming and wellness trends but I haven’t seen a post on it recently. I really like those.

  22. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog since… It launched, I guess. And I loved it when it was a round up of amazingness, with interesting stuff from so many different places. It was a place to come and be inspired. When you began the change to your own stuff I wandered off for a bit – but around the time you wrote about your husband’s stroke (btw that was so corageous of you, and so important to bring up to others to care and think about. Thank you) I came back, read past posts, reconnected. I love that you don’t do the influencer/OOTD/run of the mill blogger. I love the wellness and clean beauty and DIY and I miss the times when LEAF was more present here – I still send the styling videos for friends needing fashion advice and cook some recipes. I liked your videos a lot.
    I think you’re doing fine – I came to your blog every day these days, and I’ve let go of 90% of my previous bloggers feed. Keep up like that!

  23. Your house on social media looks beautiful and I wish you would show more with a full tour. Otherwise love the rest! Keep it up!

  24. I’ve been a reader for years and love your blog. Really enjoyed the growth from mainly fashion to diy tutorials to wellness. I love the combination of content. Reading your blog, I’ve learned about so many new healthy practices – many which I have added to my own routine. Thank you!

    Posts on routines, fitness, wellness, trends, special diet, fashion, recipes, and personal life are all my favorites!

  25. I have been following your blog for a long time (since 2012, I think) I felt the changes you made were very natural and came at a time my interests were also changing. I honestly adore everything you are doing. I always like more personal posts and I really enjoy video content. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with the world!

  26. The fact that people want more personal posts and outfits means you have won at blogging. It feels like most bloggers are conceited twats who overshare and post way too many photos of themselves. I recently cleaned out my feed and got rid of all of those girls because they constantly irritated me.

  27. I’m a longtime reader and love the new direction you’ve gone in with wellness posts. I’d request more of those, more personal posts, and more outfit posts as well (love your style and approach to getting dressed – was so impressed that you managed to reduce the size of your wardrobe by 65%!)

    Thank you for being such a light in my Feedly each day!

    xx MK

  28. I know am one of the few here to not ride the happy train, but I am truly and honestly fed up with all the wellness and cleanliness and mindfulness crap, scrolling down your feed, the word wellness pops up every 3-4 posts! On top of the fact that all this pseudo-healthiness is a dangerous thing to promote with no scientific backing up, it’s turned your otherwise lovely blog to a boring and repetitive LA Type of fake happiness that I can’t be bothered to click on. Love your fashion and style posts and the odd recipee, or DIY trick, but omg, no more wellness!! I mean come on, 3 of the suggestions you yourself just proposed are pretty much all wellness! No need to publish my post, this is just friendly advice, because I used to love your blog and I rarely find myself wanting to visit anymore, I understand that you’ve been through a lot the past years and this obsession is probably helping you to cope better with the trauma and gives you some comfort, but becoming Gwyneth Paltrow is not the answer.
    Try to find the beauty in the uglier side of things for once and spare us the photoshopped sunshine.

  29. Longtime follower who is not interested in wellness. I come for the little fashion that is left. I miss the old direction…

  30. YouTube channel! More fashion and interior design; less wellness. I found myself reading all the time and have stopped as the blog transitioned, but that’s just my personal interest/taste!

  31. I am a newbie, so I haven’t had the chance to read much of your content, but I absolutely love your wellness, mindfulness and wholesome living posts! More of these + personal posts is what I’d love to see! 🙂

  32. Can I recommend the Badass Blog Planner? I got this given to me as a gift and it encourages you to look back over your content from the past 12 months and see what is most popular – in terms of pageviews, social sharing etc. By doing that you can clearly see which content is performing the best, and in turn use it to form your future strategy! It has helped me massively, so worth a shot? 🙂

    Good luck!

  33. I really love your blog, I was scrolling through before I got to this post and I thought to myself ‘this has become one of my favourite blogs!’. I especially love the information about health (e.g. benefits of different teas) and your street style round ups.

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