Instant Ways to Feel More Confident

15 Instant Ways to Feel More Confident
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My confidence is always wavering—I’m pretty sure it’s just part of human nature. Some days I’m feeling great about myself, and the next I can feel totally blahhhh. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve (thankfully!) found certain things that leave me feeling secure and happy with myself.

Here are 15 ways to boost your confidence instantly when you need it most:

  1. Develop positive mantras.
  2. Set a goal and accomplish it. No matter how small, getting something done will put you in a better headspace instantly. For me, that’s usually getting some work accomplished or running errands that have been on my list a little too long.
  3. Sweat! Your endorphins will be high and you’ll feel better about yourself instantly.
  4. Put on rap. It’s science, promise!
  5. Buy a new bra. Treating yourself to one that actually fits will not only be refreshing but it’ll make your clothes look better.
  6. Learn something new. Being smart is a sure way to feel more self-assured in life.
  7. Put on makeup. Even if it’s just concealer and a swipe of mascara, let your natural beauty come through with a little help from products.
  8. Call someone who loves you.
  9. Throw on your favorite outfit. Whether it’s a pretty dress or yoga pants that make your booty look cute, wear what feels good.
  10. Stretch it out. After a workout, or even without one, get your body loose. There’s something about feeling flexible and being able to touch my toes that makes me feel good. Anyone else?
  11. Cook a yummy, healthy meal. Not only will you feel great after killing the recipe, but healthy food can actually make you feel happier.
  12. Treat yourself to a face mask. Your skin will be glowy and gorgeous after!
  13. Log off of social media for the day. Seeing all the perfect moments on Instagram can be a downer when you aren’t feeling your best.
  14. Search motivational quotes on Pinterest and save your favorites to look at whenever you need a boost. Here are some that I love!
  15. Do something kind for someone else.

Feeling confident yet?!

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  1. Lovely tips, I have always had problems with my self-esteem and now I feel like treating myself a face mask! Love your blog <3

    Asparagus and Swiss Phyllo Quiche

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