My Secrets To A Better Morning

secrets to a better morning
I was NEVER much of a morning person. I’d wake up crabby and just not in the mood. Those shirts that say things like ‘don’t talk to me until after I’ve had my coffee’ summed me up pretty well. But the truth was, I didn’t want to be that way. I aspired to be different. I wanted to be that person who wakes up early, meditates, makes breakfast and did all the things that would make my crabby self roll my eyes which truthfully was out of envy. So, I worked on it. And worked on it. And worked on it some more.

Turns out that going to 6am workout classes isn’t the key to making myself a morning person. That made me worse. But there are a handful of things that I found that do work and I swear by them. Here are my secrets to better mornings, and ultimately, waking up in a happier mood:

Rise with the sun (currently around 6:50am – not bad, right?)
When dreaming about eating the most delicious calorie-free ice cream on the beach while holding hands with Leonardo Dicaprio who is madly in love with you, the last thing you want is a loud beep blaring in your ear. That “take me back to that dreammmm!!!!” feeling is REAL. I avoid the noise of a brutal alarm by opening up all of the blinds before going to bed which allows for the sun to drench our room and kiss my face as a wake-up call. It’s natures way of setting an alarm, and I promise, it’s a much more beautiful way to open up the best two gifts of your day: your eyes.

Keep your phone on airplane mode
I’ve written about this how many times? I can not stress enough the life changing-ness this habit will bring you. Airplane mode keeps all your notifications from coming through which means no emails, texts, Instagram live notifications (when will they turn those off?!), et al. Leave your phone on airplane mode until you’re done with your morning routine so that you don’t wake up and instantly feel stressed from everything that has piled up. When you’re ready to take on the day and handle life, turn off airplane mode off.

Love yourself up
If you rise with the sun, your day will naturally be longer (assuming you used to wake up a little later). Take this time for YOU. Meditate, stretch, take a long shower, go for a walk, spend the extra few minutes putting on an outfit that makes you feel like a BOSS, or do whatever it is that makes you feel good. You deserve it!

Absorb your nutrients
Before eating or drinking anything else, take advantage of an empty belly by coating your stomach with what’s most important. Think a probiotic, specific vitamins and minerals and/or medicine (thyroid in my case).

Get out ahead of flushing your system by drinking warm water with lemon, mint tea or simply a glass of water. It’s energizing and mood-enhancing, helps balance pH levels, hydrates the lymphatic system AND cleanses and detoxes your body.

What are your secrets to a better morning?



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  1. I have to admit that waking up with the sun is something that I’ve always dreamed about, how nice it must feel to just see that sun first thing in the morning, but as I had school, I’m always very scared that it’s not going to wake me up early enough and that I’m going to be late ;/
    Lucie, xx

  2. I was never a morning person either but now that the weather is getting warmer I love to wake up earlier and start my day. Usually, my secret to be a morning person is to do something I love as the first task of the day. Sometimes it’s watching youtube videos, sometimes walking my dog, other times watching an episode of a show I’m loving, and that sets my mood for the rest of the day.

  3. love these tips!! my go-to is setting up the coffee maker before i go to bed, so that all i have to do is hit brew and then it’s ready in 5 minutes. it’s the closest thing i can get to having someone bring me the coffee in bed 🙂

  4. I’m such a morning person! Everything just feels so much calmer and more peaceful when everyone else around me is still lying in haha! I get so much done and feel so productive, when my family starts to wake up I’ve already got half my to-do list done! x

  5. I’ve read several posts on becoming more of a ‘morning person’, and I have to say this one feels the most realistic / achievable. Great tips, thanks!

  6. I don’t personally think I’m a morning person but in the last 2 years I have been waking up early in the morning and it all started with my becoming a vegetarian. I do think our bodies secretly know every single change, especially in diet 🙂

  7. So with you girl. I desperately wish I was a morning person and have really tried to make that a reality, but so far, no success. Early morning workouts are definitely NOT my thing, so I tried to take it slow by waking up 30 minutes earlier, making a latte, and reading. But it’s difficult to have the slow mornings I so wish for when I’ve got to be at work at 8am. I know the real secret is probably getting to bed earlier – which by most people’s standards I already AM in bed early. The eternal struggle.

    1. I got on the early bird train a year ago and it has been amazing. Even when I travel I would wake up at 5 and be out by 6 and we’d have so much time to explore before everything got busy. Lemon water is so amazing for the morning as well I feel so healthy when I do it lol

  8. I used to be a night owl but the past few years, transformed into a morning person so I am not too bad with waking up early and going through my routine. But it still takes me time to be in the mood to talk to people and vice versa. I like the mornings to be for me and to just be with my thoughts and relax.

    Emily |

  9. Should you always take your probiotics on an empty stomach? Also same for any other supplement? I thought it was better to take with food. Thanks!

    1. My probiotic is recommended to be taken on an empty stomach per the packaging but they’re all different. It’s best to read the package, same thing goes with supplements. Hope that helps!

  10. My tip is to set an alarm for going to bed. It’s much easier to face the sunrise if I haven’t stayed up too late…. I also have a “sunrise” alarm clock that works similarly, even though I have the curtains drawn against street lights.

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