8 Simple Ways To Ease Into Wellness

ease into wellness
The wellness life isn’t for everyone. It can feel intimidating and overwhelming and I’ve had people tell me that the whole wellness explosion makes the feel bad about themselves. They love fast food, they don’t use a single clean beauty item, aren’t workout obsessed, and can not be bothered to take a probiotic. And guess what? That is perfectly OK. I get it! I’ve even been there, which is what inspired me to write this article. If you’re not a “wellness person” but are interested in taking small steps to make changes to your health, here are a few ideas:

1. Download WaterMinder
If you’re a bad water drinker like I am, download this app and let it yell at you all day long to drink more water. Feeling hydrated is a game-changer, and consistently flushing toxins out of your system will impact your overall health.

2. Try adding smoothies into your life
Next time you’re at Whole Foods or somewhere with a smoothie bar – grab a smoothie that sounds good to you. If you can opt for one with greens and not only fruit, even better. I promise that once you pop, you won’t stop! It’s an excellent way to boost the healthy nutrients you’re adding to your system. Plus, SUCH an easy breakfast!

3. Add some wellness inspiration to your feed
Health and wellness is contagious – get the bug by adding a few people to your feed that will help motivate you to step up your game. Here is a list of some of my favorites. Also, take a peek at my Health & Wellness Pinterest board.

4. Lighten up the cocktail sugar content
Limiting sugar in booze is a great place to cut calories and hangovers. Skip the sugar-y mixers and compliment your liquor with soda water with lime or lemon instead. The lack of hangovers alone will make you feel healthier and you’ll feel more motivated to hit the gym and make better food choices (because lets be honest, who doesn’t want greasy food when they’re hungover?!).

5. Find a workout buddy
If you aren’t into working out, grab a friend and make one another accountable. You’ll be more motivated to get moving and the workouts will be more fun. If you don’t have someone to workout with, check out the #BBG program by Kayla Itsines. There’s a huge online community of girls participating; think of them as virtual friends.

6. Take a digital detox
I don’t care if you’re not into wellness or mindfulness, taking a break from your phone is imperative nowadays. Try one of two things (or both!): leave your phone behind on Sundays for at least two hours and fully immerse yourself in whatever it is you chose to do with that time OR place your phone on airplane mode one hour before bed every night and leave it on airplane mode until you’re done with your morning routine.

7. Keep up with your health via doctor appointments
Half of the battle of feeling good is knowing what is going on in your body (I felt terrible until I went to the doctor only to discover I had an autoimmune disease which I wrote about here). Check out this list of appointments that includes how often, and at what age, you should be getting screened. Get to booking those appointments then chip away at whatever health tweaks you should be making.

8. Make gentle swaps
Eating healthy, nutritious foods is not only crucial to energy and how long you live, but it affects digestion, skin, everything! Going cold turkey on yummy foods like chips and soda is difficult (and not fun), so focus on one swap a week or month. One week replace your white bread with whole wheat. Try sparkling water instead of soda the next. A smoothie instead of a bagel the next, and so on! Small changes add up to lifestyle changes, in a less abrasive way.


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  1. I prefer to not have data on my phone which keeps me away from social media and being connected all of the time.I must admit that I am retired and don’t use data in what I do.I only connect with social media when I am home.I find it refreshing to talk to people rather than text all day long.I guess I am old fashioned but that is my truth.

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