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I’ve been busy settling into my new blogger life and so far so good! My days have been busy working on content – there are now 8 posts a week on this site instead of the usual 5 (!!!) – and I’ve been filming every single day for a YouTube idea that I’ve been toying with.

What are your thoughts on me launching my own channel? Something VERY different than what LEAF was. And while I have you, what are your thoughts on daily shows/vlogs? Do you watch any and like them? Or is that too much of a commitment?

Other than content, I’ve had the luxury of attending blogger events, that in my previous life, I would have had to miss. It’s quite fun bopping from a lunch with Net-A-Porter to a clean beauty brand hosting a “hydrating” yoga flow. I keep catching myself thinking, is this really my life?! Which is usually followed up by the sound of Bruno Mars singing “hashtag blessed.” But honestly, I am feeling sooo hashtag blessed! I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on so much of what this career has to offer for this long.

And for the fresh take on career and a lifestyle, all white baby! Seems fitting right?

Wearing: Everlane Cotton Poplin Square shirt, Isabel Marant pants, Phillip Lim Blazer & Gucci Cat eye acetate sunglasses

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  1. Yes channel, no vlog. Those are too self-centered and boring… Sorry but just being honest. I never watch vlogs, esp those longer than 8 minutes…

  2. Did I miss something? Didn’t know you went into blogging full time – congrats girl!! Excited for you! Loving the all white look. I never wear white because I’m terrified (I spill everything), but I just received a pair of Everlane’s new cropped pants in white and am super pumped about ’em.

  3. YES TO YOUTUBE! And wouldn’t mind if you brought some of leaf to it. I loved watching those when you were the one in them. XOXO

  4. Yes to YouTube! I’m sad to read that Leaf is no more! I loved what you gals were doing. I’m loving your frequent blog posts too though. All power to you girl 🙂 Love from New Zealand xx

  5. Having your own channel on YouTube would be great!I’m starting to really dive into clean living and you have been a great resource.
    As far as vlogging, personally I watch for a moment and then it doesn’t hold my interest anymore.

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