Wellness Challenge: Improve Focus

In college, I can remember going through a Mozart-while-studying phase, followed by working to purely acoustic-type playlists on my iPod. Since then, I’ve experimented with other calming, chill music along with pure silence. And what I’ve found is, I definitely like something on in the background, and that something can’t involve words.

I’ve heard rumors that certain types of music are better for productivity or can “make you smarter,” and after working from home these past few weeks with the chance to really play around with my music choices, I thought I’d do some research. Turns out, the “Mozart-effect” is something people have studied…and it’s not all it’s cracked up to. It’s actually based on personal preferences for the most part.

Some people like calm stuff, some like classical, but what the studies do show is that music with a consistent beat works best alongside your mind—and usually words are distracting. This week, I think it’d be beneficial to figure out and experiment with what works best for you. Don’t you?

Wellness Challenge: Find the background noise that works for you

A friend recently told me about noisli.com, which you can basically cater to whatever background noise you prefer. Wind, coffeehouse chatter, rain, birds chirping, you name it, and I actually find it really helpful. Other than that, I love the “brain food” playlist on Spotify for pure focus or “French cooking” on Pandora for a creative boost. Try them out if you don’t know where to start!

Don’t force anything if it doesn’t work for you; try a few varieties and see what feels most helpful during different tasks. Share what’s working for you, plz!

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  1. Accuradio has some great workplace moods channels with soothing, no-words music. I listen to Machines Can Do The Work a lot, which features electronic music that boosts focus, concentration, and productivity.

  2. Love.I love JS Bach when I have an activity that requires brain Stimulation!The Best.I like Handels Baroque music when I paint.Bach too

  3. I do find music calming, but agree when I use to study to music lyrics I would remember the songs during the test and forget the lyrics. Learned that twice the hard way!

    Keri Elaine

  4. Oh noisli sounds like something that I need. I recently started freelancing and working from home but I keep switching between silence and songs, but I find myself singing along so that is not working at all. What I really love is the background noise like chatter in a cafe or something. Will definitely check it out to see what works best for me.

    Emily | http://emilytrinh.com

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