How to (Quickly) Become Happier in 10 Aspects of Your Life

As we’re writing more about happiness on this site, I realize that the “nirvana” feeling can seem impossible to reach. To combat those thoughts, I’ve been sticking to simple, quick exercises that help boost happiness. And this article is no different. When I think about small ways to increase the happiness in my life, I realize that I need to focus on several areas that make up my world. I found small, doable changes that can make each area a little bit brighter. Here they are!

1. At home
Turn off work after 6 p.m. No ifs ands or buts! Give yourself time to recharge away from your inbox, cook a good meal, hang out with your family, go to sleep early!

2. With your mind
Meditate for 5 minutes a day OR go on a 5-minute walk to start your morning. Either way, you’re clearing your brain of any clutter by staying in the moment.

3. In the office
Give your desk a makeover. Add touches that make your office resemble a happy place. Not sure where to start? Get a plant (and read this)!

4. In relationships
Listen more. That means putting down the phone, facing your friend or partner, listening without planning your response in your head, and strengthening that bond. After all, strong relationships are considered the #1 contributing factor to happiness.

5. With your body
Stretch before bed and when you wake up. For so many of us, we sit or lay most of the day, which isn’t easy on our bodies. Plus, being stiff and inflexible just makes us feel blah—at least for me. Take the simple step of stretching for a few minutes to start and end your day and your body will thank you for it.

6. At home
Organization is key! Each month (starting ASAP), go through your old clothes and junk drawers and say goodbye to items you haven’t used in over four months. Byyyeee!

7. With money
Turn off or delete one service (or app) right now. It might be the Spotify that you don’t end up using, or something bigger like cable, but either way, you’ll be saving money. Try to do this once every couple of months until you’re totally content with your minimal services.

8. With food
Live that smoothie life for breakfast… every single day. Wanna know why? 1. You can get tons of nutrients in one cup. 2. It’s super easy. 3. It’s one less thing to worry about each day. 4. You can prep it the night before—or earlier in the week. 5. There are millions of recipes. 6. It’s healthy. Want me to keep going?

9. Socially
Social settings can be awkward and intimidating if we don’t know anyone. Or they can be draining if we know everyone. My rule? Show up for 30 minutes. If you absolutely must go, promise yourself you’ll stay for 30, then you can dip. Smile, do your thing, then get outta there. And if you need an extra boost, come up with a premeditated excuse why you need to take off. Those sock drawers aren’t going to organize themselves!

10. With tech
No phone at dinner. No phone on Sundays. Simple!

How do you make your days happier?


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