3 Things to Do More of and Less of

When making changes to a routine, I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything you need slash want to change. It almost feels like a whole life overhaul is needed, which is not always the best motivator. I recently had a talk with a girlfriend who told me about her 3/3 rule (3 things to do more of, 3 things to do less of) and I was so interested! After she shared 3 simple things she’s trying to add and eliminate from her life, I made my own list.

Do more of:

Buy flowers. This is something I always go back and forth on (am I wasting money?!), but fresh flowers make me so damn happy. It provides more happiness than my coffee from Starbucks and it’s about the same price, so I’ve made the swap.

Take baths. There’s really nothing more peaceful than a bath and book to end my days, yet I rarely do it. Plus, it naturally sets me up for a face mask or other self-care indulgences—which we could all use more of.

Make my partner feel good. When you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s easy to nag more than you love, which is awful. I’ve been doing my best to express gratitude and share little things I appreciate about him daily.

Do less of:

Waste. I’ve been adamant about reusable shopping bags, shorter showers, eating what’s in the fridge, and even walking more to limit my gas consumption.

Criticize. I don’t find myself talking poorly about people in my life too often, but I do make snarky comments about people on Instagram or TV. Even if they’re on The Bachelor, they don’t deserve my unkind thoughts, and I hate putting negative energy out. Lips are sealed!

Stress. Of course some stress is impossible to remove, but I have a tendency to overthink situations. If it’s out of my control, it doesn’t belong in my head.

There you have it! 3 things to remove and add seems simple enough right? I’m enjoying it so far! I’d love to hear what your 3 (errr 6) things would be, so please share in the comments!



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  1. I needed to read this post. It could not have come at a better time. My life is 20% living, 80% stressing. I know I need to just take a chill pill, but it’s so hard. I need to do more breathing, relaxing, and living in the moment. Worrying does nothing but hurt yourself.

  2. Nice post! Appreciate the call to reflection. Been stressing out a whole lot with work too and decided to take a quick getaway with some friends to ground myself. Couldn’t have been a better idea.
    With that said, my 6 are:
    MORE: minimalism, time outside & re/connecting with loved ones
    LESS: comparing, aimless tech time & worrying

  3. Interesting post, it was really though provoking to think about what my 6 would be, will have to implement this.
    I would say,
    MORE; early rising, reading and make my loved ones feel loved.
    LESS: backbiting (even if I don’t do this often I do sometimes find myself at it),social media and procastination!

  4. The criticize one! Yes I’m way too bad at this, you’re right though, it’s simply negative energy going out.

    Also working on minimizing my waste, shopping bags were first up next I’m going to buy some reusable straws.

  5. I’ve been living with my boyfriend for just 3 months but we’ve been together for more than 3 years now. We nag sooo much and your advice to just appreciate each other a bit more makes the world of a difference

  6. 3 more: Put things away, Take baths (for me time) and Be kind. 3 less: Be less critical/negative. Like you I need to be aware that what I’m putting out there will come back to me…) waste less food and stop over thinking things.

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