Wellness Challenge: Drink Gelatin

You guys know I’m the queen of smoothies and always down to try new ingredients, supplements, and all the healthy goodness. I’ve already written about some of my favorite additions, like bee pollen, collagen, and easy options. But I get bored, so I gotta switch it up!

Which is where this week’s challenge comes into play…

Challenge: Add gelatin to your diet

I actually first heard about drinking gelatin from a girlfriend who was seeing a doctor about hormone and thyroid imbalances. Its benefits are similar to collagen (it’s derived from collagen found in animal bones), and there are A LOT. Some that stood out to me include:

  • A good source of protein
  • Great source of amino acids
  • Can help create strong joints/with joint recovery
  • Helps food move through your digestive track
  • Amazing for hair, skin, and nails
  • Supposedly can also help with cellulite, loose skin, and stretch marks.
  • Detoxes the liver
  • Balances hormones (regulates insulin, removes excess estrogen)

Like most health substances, it’s important to buy quality versions—and to check with your doctor first. You can get gelatin in different forms, just like collagen, but I prefer powder. I drop a scoop into my smoothie, coffee, or even plain H20. I also buy grass-fed gelatin, like this, as you definitely want it to be coming from healthy (and happy) animals.

Drink up!

Are you on the gelatin hype yet?

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  1. No animals are “happy” when slaughtered and you should quit this health routine ASAP! Gelatin from ground up animal bones… does that even sound like it will give you nice skin and nails?? NO WAY! This is something totally unexpected from you… think about this, if you put so much effort into making sure your makeup products are cruelty free/all natural… why would you ingest the same? Please stop this unnecessary cruelty… I can assure you all those benefits you listed above you can get from just the fruits and veggies in your morning smoothies.

    your forever fan

  2. I agree with Janel! Not only is there the cruelty factor but the idea that eating an animal’s bones will make your skin glow and help with cellulite is so far fetched.. But the biggest take away is this..just because a company says their cows are “happy” does not make it true. They will tell you anything to get your business..they don’t know their cows or anything about if they’re humanely raised or not. Let’s wake up to the lies of the supplement industry!

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