4 Beauty Products That Promote Sleep

4 Beauty Products That Promote Sleep

4 Beauty Products That Promote Sleep
When I think of two of my favorite things in life, beauty/bathroom products + sleep come to mind, so you know I do my best to combine the two. As an adult, my ideal night involves zero plans, a new product to try, and an early bedtime (OK and maybe vino), and I’m alllll about self-love nights on the reg. If you’re a homebody like me and are looking for ways to pamper and promote sleep, keep reading.

Palermo Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil

I’m obsessed with diffusing oils, and lately I’ve been super interested in learning more about aromatherapy. A friend turned me onto Palermo’s roller, which you can literally roll on your temples and pulse points for relaxation in an instant. It’s a nice break from lavender everything, too (though I do love me some lavender – evidence below).

Primally Pure’s Sea Soak

There’s nothing that calms the nervous system like a bath before bed, and it’s a regular part of my nighttime routine. I’ve been using this blend for months, and keep coming back to it. Coming from a girl with sensitive skin, this never irritates it; instead, it detoxifies it tremendously.

Honest Company Lavender Lotion

During the winter, my feet and hands get crazy dry – and itchy if I don’t lather them often. To combat fidgeting with dry skin when trying to sleep, I’ve started lathering this lavender lotion on my hands, feet, elbows, and chest before bed. The sleep-promoting scent is an added bonus to feeling hydrated.

Sandoval’s Spirit Spray

Whether it’s a face spray or an aromatic one, I’m about spritzing. This specific blend contains crystals that are charged under the full moon with grounding intentions, so if you’re a fan of crystals and all of that, I suggest trying this. At the least, it’s a soothing blend, especially with spritzed on your sheets riiight before dozing off.

Clearly I’m in love with this topic, so please share any products that help you sleep in the comments. Always down to add to my arsenal. Sweet dreams!

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