How to Positively Change Your Mindset

I’m generally a very positive person (some have even said I’m too optimistic at times, #rude), but that doesn’t mean bad moods or negative mindsets don’t happen. I’m pretty sure it’s something every single person on Earth deals with – it’s simply part of being human.

After an especially hectic situation a couple weeks ago, a friend – who happened to be freaking out – asked me how I was being so positive and OK with the situation. She was almost annoyed that it wasn’t affecting me in the same way. And when I really thought about WHY I wasn’t stressed to the brim or totally pissed off, it’s because I’ve learned to change my mindset.

I can’t exactly remember where I learned to do this – possibly a class about Buddhism in college – but it’s a method that’s stuck with me for a long time. And I’m not trying to say that I’m perfect or, again, that things don’t bother me – but I will say I’m good at turning a shitty situation into an OK one.

Here are examples of when/how I shift my mindset:

  • You have to wake up super early becomes You get to enjoy your coffee even more the next day AND you’ll be tired by 9 p.m. – perfect for a great night’s sleep the next night.
  • Traffic is horrible becomes A time to let other people wig out, and instead, you get more time to yourself – and time to listen to your favorite podcast.
  • You feel sick becomes This is my body telling me I need to slow down and take care of myself. And hello, all the reality TV and ramen in bed!
  • You gain a few pounds becomes OK, reminder to prioritize myself, to call a friend for a gym date, and to take a walk on the coast this weekend.
  • Your dentist bill is $1500 (been here recently!) becomes Time to reign in the budget and start working on a few delicious at-home recipes.

You get the idea! Even though certain things might be out of our hands, the way we react is ALWAYS up to us. As the famous quote goes, “Rule your mind or it’ll rule you.”

Next time you’re feeling upset by something (big or small), try and tweak your mindset into seeing the good in the situation. It might sound silly and maybe even annoying, but I promise it’s worth trying for yourself. Let me know how it goes!

Do you have any mindset shift examples?


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  1. Whenever I feel down, I like to read posts and articles like this to remind myself to take a pause and reevaluate. I come from a family of negative nancies, so I have to counteract my environment with positive thoughts like yours!

    Nicolette |

  2. THROUGHOUT the years I have decided that suffering is optional!When I find myself going there I notice pause and act myself into right thinking.I also know that emotions are transient so I allow myself to feel what ever it is I don’t try to fight it and it passes.

  3. Making mindset shifts is such a simple yet effective way to cultivating a more positive life! Traffic never bothers me anymore because I love taking the time to listen to my favorite podcasts. I use to dread waking up to my early alarm every morning, but now I appreciate the excitement of a new day so much more.

    Mia |

  4. This is such a fantastic way to spin situations that we initially take in with negativity into not only positive experiences, but opportunities to take care of ourselves. Love it!

  5. Is it an actual change of mindset or the ability to spin a bad situation? A change of mindset would look at the dogs accident on the floor and one’s first thought being, “I needed to mop the floor anyway.” Spin is thinking the same thing AFTER first thinking, “Stupid dog! Couldn’t he have waited another five minutes?”

    I find it easy to spin a negative into a positive. A complete change of mindset, though, takes a more long-term effort and a fundamental change in how we view the world.

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