5 Workouts To Try in 2018

Doing the same workout over and over again can get dull pretty quick, we all know this. I’ve found that mixing it up every six months or so usually keeps me interested enough to keep working out. I also think it’s important to surprise your body with different movements. So, if you’ve primarily been swimming to get in your cardio, take it out on dry land for a change. Or, if you usually lift weights, try a cycling class. Plus, in today’s wellness-obsessed culture, there’s always something new to try, like the five workouts below.


In the last year or two, it seems like barre studios have started popping up everywhere. Barre classes work every muscle in your body and in usually under an hour’s time. It’s said to be really effective for weight loss and leaning out, aka toning up that booty, and the best part is you don’t leave a sweaty mess. Perfect for lunch workouts or if you have errands after.

A running challenge

I am absolutely not a runner. I’ve never enjoyed it and I’ve never been good at it. That said, it’s usually the number one workout I avoid, which is probably a good reason to give it a try a little more often (remember what I said about surprising your body?). If you want to give running a try, I recommend finding a fun, local 5k like The Color Run or something that will take your mind off the fact that you’re actually running. Or, training for a 10K that supports a charity you’re passionate about. Chances are, when you finish, you’ll feel pretty proud of yourself for doing something so far out of your comfort zone.

Hot Pilates

Heated yoga isn’t anything new, but if you like the warmth of those classes, hot Pilates in now popping up in major cities like San Francisco, LA and NYC. When you think about Pilates, it’s all about lengthening muscles and toning, so the heat helps muscles stretch while getting stronger. Sign me up!

At-home circuit training

If the gym and group classes aren’t for you, there are tons of intriguing at-home workout plans online worth trying. It seems like everyone has a friend who’s doing the Kayla Itsines Sweat program and those kick your butt. I’m also super intrigued to buy Tracy Anderson’s online program but haven’t bit the bullet yet (if you have, let me know how you like!) If you want to try something for free before committing to working out at home, there’s always free videos on YouTube. For yoga, I love Yoga with Adriene, and PopSugar has great online workouts of all kinds.

Personal Training

I know, I know, it’s costly – totally get it. But you also don’t have to go multiple times a week to get great results. For a budget-friendly option, find a trainer who is cool with training you once a week, then only once a month. That way, you’re still getting the knowledge from that trainer and certain moves that you know are healthy for your body – without the commitment. If it’s in your budget, trainers can keep you motivated, push you beyond what you’d do on your own, all while keeping you safe – so I’d highly recommend trying!

What’s your favorite way to break a sweat right now?

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