I’m Taking A Shopping Freeze, Here’s Why

geri hirsch
Today’s LIVE WELL topic may seem a little extreme or totally normal depending on your lifestyle, but it’s an idea I’ve been toying with lately. Living in LA and having a blog where fashion is a major component, it’s very intriguing to think of going an entire month without buying any new clothes. Eeeeek, and kinda scary honestly!

I recently shared a post on using the minimalist movement as inspiration for spring cleaning, and let’s just say it got my wheels turning. I think it would really force me to explore more of what I already have and challenge my creativity. That actually sounds pretty fun, no?

I like to think that the reason I purchase new clothes as frequently as I do is because it’s a form of creative expression. But can I do that with what I already have? I’m thinking that consuming less clothes would probably actually help make me more creative because I’d be forced to re-imagine versus always jumping to the next thing.

And what about the money spent on said clothes? There’s no doubt that going on a shopping freeze of sorts would create a new sense of financial freedom. In some of the reading I’ve done on minimalism, one of the biggest reasons people choose to embrace it is because they no longer want to feel like a slave to material possessions. It also can be a good step for our environment and to cut out the more, more, more mentality.

Another thought I’ve had is about learning to find happiness and satisfaction elsewhere. I don’t necessarily think we should eliminate the things in life that give us joy, but I’ve never stopped to question those things either. Like, why do I get a rush when a package arrives or when I walk into one of my favorite stores? Something to ponder.

Has anyone ever done a shopping freeze? I’m curious what you learned about yourself during and after?

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  1. I realize that I do have to occasionally have to,update my wardrobe or buy an outfit for a special occasion yet I am wise enough to know that for me reaching outside of myself to,by that or to,have the thing whatever it is only brings temporary pleasure which fades quickly

  2. I have done the shopping freeze for almost a year now! Wow, I can’t believe how much extra cash we have and how having new things really is JUST A HABIT! I continue to mix and match the clothes in my closet and actually appreciate what I have a LOT more. It is the best thing I have ever done!

  3. Love this post, thanks for continuing to inspire! Keeping with this minimalistic spirit, I would also be interested in your approach to a stylish capsule wardrobe. Also, I find myself thinking more and more about sustainable fashion from both ecological & social perspectives. The more I grow and evolve as a conscious consumer, the more important it becomes to me to know exactly where, how, and by whom my clothes are made. I would really love to see you explore these topics as well someday. Thank you for your focus on this ‘less-is-more’ approach to life; it is just how I am feeling these days too : )

  4. Shopping freezes neverr worked out for me. If its not clothes, if was home stuff (major reno), ehen I decided to stop purchasing make up I became interested in parfumes and candles… but when focused on some activity, my head goes out of the buying loop. When I spend a day baking, studying for my work, when I go to the botanical harden or meet my extended family for the weekend… We have to shift focus from things to people and meaninful to-dos. Then the shopping freeze is natural.

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