LIVE WELL: Cater to Your Flow

As a new mom, one thing that’s become very clear? My schedule isn’t as flexible as it was pre-bebe. Gone are the mornings of my treasured, extensive morning routine, workouts whenever I wanted, and a million other things that simply don’t seamlessly fit in. Which I’m not complaining about, because I feel incredibly grateful to be a mom, but it’s definitely made me aware of the shift.

Since I know I’m not the only mother out there, I wanted to dedicate this week’s LIVE WELL article to catering to your own schedule – whatever that may be. And this can certainly come in handy for non-moms, too!

What I mean by catering to your own schedule is going with the natural flow of what’s happening in your life. Maybe you’re a morning person and getting up at 5 a.m. to workout and do a morning routine makes most sense to you. Maybe jumping into work while your mind is fresh is helpful, or maybe you do your best work at midnight. Maybe you want to spend your mornings with your baby, and therefore you must shift your workouts and errands to evening.

By going with the flow of your own life, things get a lot easier and less stressful. At least that’s what I’ve found from my new flow with Leo.

By afternoon, I’m usually eager to get moving or out of the house, so that’s when I’m incorporating my workouts. In the morning, I want the extra snuggles, so I’m not as strict about my morning routine. Meditation is still beneficial in the afternoon, even though I used to do it first thing in the a.m. Some days, getting out of the house isn’t what I want, so I don’t do it. Some nights, I feel like catching up on work at midnight when I get a little energy. And all of that is fine!

While everyone’s schedule, home life, and work situation is unique, I urge you to go more with the flow of your own schedule. Try to ignore the proper times for certain tasks, and instead, do them at a time that feels good to you. Allow yourself grace if certain tasks don’t get done because something else came up. There’s always tomorrow.

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