Are You Drinking Organic Wine? Let’s Discuss.

Eating clean and non-toxic has been a high priority for me for a while now (especially these days with little Leo in the house). It’s not always the most convenient, or even the most affordable, but I don’t mind because that’s how important it is to me and my family. So it’s only natural that I would eventually look into clean wine options as well, which is why today’s LIVE WELL is all about that non-toxic vino life.

I wish I would have thought about this sooner, but for some reason it didn’t quite cross my mind until recently. After doing a little research, I was surprised to find that clean wine is more accessible than I thought, you just have to look for it. Living in California probably helps, but most quality grocery stores or wine cellars will probably have organic and clean options.

When you’re looking for a clean wine, the first thing you want to consider is if it comes from a certified organic vineyard. There are entire wineries that practice certified organic farming, while others only have certain vineyards within the winery that are organic. There are tons of both of these wineries in California.

The second thing you’ll want to pay attention to is the sulfite level of your wine. There’s a big misconception out there that you have to find a wine that’s sulfite free, but this kind of wine actually doesn’t exist. Sulfite is a natural byproduct of the fermentation process, so it’s not as bad as some make it out to be. However, companies will add in additional sulfites to act as a preservative. This is what you want to avoid. Look for labels that say “no sulfites added” and you should be safe.

You may have to do some additional research and ask your local wine cellar what the best options are for organic and low-sulfite (meaning the only sulfite in the wine is the naturally occurring kind), but I think it’s well worth the effort. One of the OG brands of the clean wine space I read about that’s supposed to be good is Coturri Winery. Anybody ever tried?

If you’re out to eat, always ask if they have any clean, low-sulfite options. I know Elf Cafe in Echo Park serves only natural wine (as well as only organic, non-toxic food) and might be a fun place to go try a few different varieties and learn more about the topic!

I’m looking forward to getting more into this and finding some new favorites. Does anyone have any recommendations? Would love to hear!

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