DIY Bridal Shower Box

As Geri and I have both shared, we each got married over the last few years. And as any bride knows, thoughtful notions go a long way during the hectic yet exciting time of planning. Every offer for help, sweet message, or kind gift goes noticed, and I can still remember certain people making the experience extra special.

Since wedding season is in full effect, I wanted to share one of the best presents I got from a close friend. Though I had a registry, my friend went off-registry and instead put together the cutest pampering box for my shower.

If you’re attending a bridal shower and don’t want to go the traditional route, I’m pretty sure the bride would love this DIY box. Obviously you can change up the products based on the bride, but here’s what was included in mine (with clean beauty in mind, of course!).

Face mask

I was heavily prioritizing my skin leading up to the wedding, so this was much needed. Even if the bride has perfect skin, a relaxing face mask is always a welcomed gift. You can either get single sheet masks or go more luxe with a full tub. This brightening one is a favorite of mine!


While we’re on the top of facial care, adding in a roller is a cute idea. Whether the bride doesn’t sleep well the night before the wedding or simply wants to create a beautifying morning routine, a roller will be her BFF. Choose jade or this little guy, both are amazing gifts.


But not just any journal! My girlfriend gifted me The Five-Minute Journal, which I already had, but was excited to get a replacement as mine was almost finished. Planning is a stressful time to say the least, but this journal lets the bride do everything with a grateful attitude. It also adds a few minutes of tranquility to her morning and nights which is much needed!

Bath salts

Not much to say here other than #necessary. Maybe it was because I got married in winter or maybe I just needed to chill more often, but I basically lived in my bath before the wedding. Treat your girl to the best bath of her life with Primally Pure’s Sea Soak, or even DIY a mix.

Dry brush

To make sure her whole body is baby smooth leading up to her big day, add in a dry brush. Dry brushing not only exfoliates, but it detoxifies and decreases the appearance of cellulite. A good way to show the bride some beauty and wellness love.

Gift card

My friend topped my gift basket off with a massage, which was over-the-top but SO appreciated. Depending on your budget, consider a gift card to a facial, Soul Cycle class, a juice spot, or even to a coffee shop – whatever she loves!

Shop what was included in mine below, then box it up real cute! Best gift everrrrr.

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