How to Find More Purpose in Your Career

Do you ever have those days where you just wonder what you’re working for? Whether your job is an 8-5 or you run your own business, most of us are constantly searching for ways to bring more meaning to our work. No matter the industry you’re in, feeling like there’s some kind of greater purpose to it all can make it way easier to get up and go to work every day.

As I get older and delve deeper into my career, this is something I want to make sure I put some focus on. I just hate the idea of going on autopilot and forgetting about why I pursued this path to begin with and not using my position to give back.

If this piques your interest, here are a few things you can do to start finding a little more purpose in your career.

Find a work-life balance

As someone who started their own business—and works from home—it’s very hard to find an off switch. At times, this meant 12 hour days and essentially ignoring family and friends because I was “too busy.”

It’s not a bad thing to enjoy what you do and be dedicated to it, but giving the “life” part of work-life balance some attention can actually serve as a great reminder as to why you work to begin with. Whether that means providing for your family or providing value to clients, sometimes time away is when you gain the greatest perspective.

Here’s what’s really helped me over the last few months.

Donate to a cause

I had never thought of donating a percentage of my paycheck until listening to this podcast. As soon as I heard it, I loved how tying charity to your business would serve as more purpose. 5% of my income would greatly affect a local animal shelter (my personal charity of choice) and I’ll still be able to pay my bills without that 5%, so now that’s what I do.

If you’re feeling like you’re working to work and not feeling purpose, consider donating X amount of your income to a charity or cause.

Become a mentor

An old college professor once told me that living my dreams allows others to live theirs. This really stuck with me because it reminded me that I was once someone (and I still am) who needed guidance and a mentor to help me navigate the workforce. It can be a serious breath of fresh air to meet with college students or join some kind of program that aims to help young adults find their way and inspire them in their career. You’ll probably remember what you felt like at their age and how grateful you were when someone took the time to help you.

Continue your education

Continuing to evolve throughout your career is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself professionally, so always stay open to new learning opportunities. This can happen by attending conferences, workshops or even going back to school. And bringing new purpose to an old job through a little education is never a bad thing if you ask me.

How do you find purpose in your career? Always love hearing how those in different industries and positions go about making this a priority.

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  1. We never thoutght that help some cause will help us, but they really help, cuz remember us that someone need more and finally you can do something. Everyone want to be useful. Became a mentor is amazing too, people can put a value where we see nothing.
    Great perspective of yours. THANKS!

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