5 Clean Lip Colors For the Girl Who Hates Lipstick

Though I can get down with a dramatic lip or a pop of red when I’m feeling flirty, I’m not a huge lipstick girl. They seem to dry my lips out no matter what I’m using and feel too fussy for my casual style. That’s not to say that I don’t like a little color though – because I do!

To keep things relaxed while also refraining from a washed out complexion, I’m all about faking it with everything from gloss to whips to balms. And with the variety of clean options on the market, it’s beyond easy to accomplish that while skipping a lipstick swipe (or chemicals).

For all my non-lipstick lovahs, this list is for you!

Henne Luxury Lip Tint in Bare

This is about as close to a lipstick I’ll go during summer, and it hits the spot. Made with a blend of jojoba, avocado oil, coconut and other safe ingredients, this delicate nude is my everyday staple. It gives lips a flush without looking too overdone.

Karni Gran Lip Whip

One of my favorite things about this whip is the moisture it provides. It’s like petroleum jelly without the insane chemicals – a texture I’ve been obsessed with since grade school. It’s not overly glossy and the light pink is the perfect shade of femme.

Vapour Velvet Lip Gloss

When I want to punch things up for a wedding or event, I’m all about this option in ‘Reckless.’ Another hydrating option, this is a heavier color which I appreciate. And the nourishing botanicals like Lemon Balm and Iceland Moss are an added bonus.

Love & Sage Well Red Lip Balm

This is another nighttime staple but it’s actually beautiful for a bright summer day. It goes on like chapstick so it literally can’t get easier, yet you end up with this gorgeous shade. I will say it doesn’t last as long as some on this list, but it’s fine for a few hours!

Lip Shine RMS

It wouldn’t be a clean beauty list without this cult favorite that I’m a huge believer in. I’ve gone through multiple pots of ‘Honest’ and ‘Bloom’ and can’t stock restocking. Made with natural fatty acids, vitamin A and C, this product gives a boost to the lip by way of antioxidant protection. And the nourishing organic oils and pure mineral pigments make this a clean lip staple again and again.

What are your favorite clean smoochers?

Shop our list below. xx

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