How to Decorate Your Home with a Mindful Attitude

Having moved 5 times over the past 5 years, I’ve gotten pretty confident with decorating homes. Of course some of the stuff I’ve used is the same house to house, but each home comes with a different feel and design. To stay mindful through the moves, I’ve developed a small arsenal of tips that I thought I’d share today. I hope it helps for anyone who recently closed or signed a lease – or are just looking to spruce up your current situation!

Keep only what you love

This goes right along with the minimal attitude that we’re huge fans of at BIA, and to me, it’s one of the most important aspects of decorating. Simply put, if you only own things you love, you’ll usually love the feel of your home. This notion stays true from larger items like couches to even the smallest one like a soap dispenser. Go through your home and make note of items that don’t make you happy and either replace them or make a list if you need to start slow.

Don’t combine too many styles

Matchy-matchy will leave a home feeling too perfect, so instead, select couple styles to stick to. But don’t try to bring in more than a couple or else you’ll end up with something messy or un-styled. For that ideal effortless yet streamlined look, choose styles that complete each other like modern and minimal, or natural and boho. I also think mixing feminine and masculine styles is a really easy way to add a cool factor. Think personalized painted skateboards hanging on a wall with soft touches like a faux fur rug. As you place each item in each room, consider if the styles coordinate.

Go slow

I know it’s tempting to want to fill every shelf and every wall as soon as you move (been there!), but if you truly want to be mindful, move slow. This goes along with the “keep only what you love” approach as it’ll teach you to only buy when something stands out. It might mean rooms that don’t feel complete for a while, but that’s much better than forcing something (and simultaneously wasting money).

Consider vintage

When trying to stay mindful, think of ways to bring pre-loved items into your home. Not only will this make your home feel more unique, but you’ll also be recycling in a way. Without always having to buy new, it’s crazy how mindful it makes you of taking care of your things and keeping an eye out for gems at street markets, etc. Plus, it’s more environmentally-friendly!

Have comfort in mind

At the end of the day, most of us want our homes to be our favorite place in the world, right? After all, we spend SO much time there. As you’re decorating, keep comfort in mind. Maybe that leather couch looks chic, but will it be comfy to snuggle on with your partner? Will a glass table be smart if you have small children with busy hands? Do you spend lots of time at the dining table and need comfy chairs? Take looks into account, but never over comfort.

How have you decorated with a mindful intent?

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