5 Easy Ways To Eliminate Toxins From Your Baby’s Life

Protecting our children from harmful toxins can set them up for a longer, healthier life. And what parent doesn’t want to do that? Here are five easy ways to eliminate toxins from your baby’s life:

1. No shoes in the house

A ‘no shoes in the house’ policy will drastically reduce the amount of crud, germs, dirt and toxins in your home, and more importantly, in your little one’s mouth once they’re crawling.

2. Keep cell phones at least 10 feet away from them

Babies’ heads are softer than adults and are more vulnerable to cell phone radiation. Try keeping cell phones at least 10 feet away from them and/or click the phone on airplane mode. Be mindful of this while your babies are in their strollers and your phone is in the cup holder.

3. Consider an organic mattress & bedding

Babies spend a LOT of time asleep, so an organic mattress and bedding is important. It will drastically reduce the amount of chemicals they’re surrounded by – especially flame retardants which some believe is linked to SIDS.

4. Reduce the amount of plastic toys, opting for wood

Toys are fun but they can be hazardous to your baby’s health. Try to limit the amount of plastic and potential lead hazardous toys and instead opt for wood.

5. Use clean non-toxic products on mom, baby & household laundry

Clean, non-toxic products for baby, mama and household laundry are really important. It will limit exposure to chemicals that cause allergies, or worse, are known to cause cancer and disrupt hormones.

What do you do to protect your little one?

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  1. I’ve always been hard on myself about not being married with kids by 30. I will say it’s a blessing in disguise because when I do have my own little family I’ll know how to raise them in a better than I would’ve if I hadn’t started taking the time to make healthy living a priority. 🙂

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  2. Make sure you remove animal and animal byproducts from the babies diet to make sure they are not ingesting any nasty’s (good idea for mama too – after all everything is transmitted through breast milk) from the cruel work of factory farming

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