How to Get More From the Clothes in Your Closet

With 2017 being full of pregnancy clothes, I’m now slowly returning to my pre-baby wardrobe (mainly from 2016). And though I admittedly thought I’d want to buy a bunch of new stuff to keep up with the ‘18 trends, stepping back into my old closet has been overwhelmingly refreshing. With all the new baby stuff in our home, I’ve done my best to be intentional about the amount of consumption – and I’m feeling the same with my closet. I’ve actually loved getting creative and styling a lot of my older wardrobe in a fresh vibe, and have to say it feels good on my wallet and mind. Plus, it’s good for the environment.

Thought I’d share a few ways to get more from your current closet if you’re also into buying less:

Be mindful about washing

Though I can’t always wear something twice before washing because of Leo, I can be mindful about how I’m washing and caring for my clothes. My little secret for the ultimate garment care is Downy’s new Nature Blends which is a fabric conditioner. Not only is the product free of dyes and parabens, but it’s also plant-based (a must in our home). On top of the environmentally-friendly aspects like being able to keep clothes longer and out of landfills, it’s also touched with coconut oil which is amazing for conditioning fibers in your clothes. This light boost of a formula helps to keep clothes’ shape, color, and integrity, hence not going through so many clothes (and keeping your favorites in tip top shape, literally). It honestly allows me to wear things for years instead of months, even if I’m washing the item often.

Organize by season

We don’t deal with harsh seasons here in Los Angeles, but I definitely have some pieces that do not make sense in July (or vice versa in December). I suggest clearing out your closet each season and storing your non-seasonal pieces in air-tight bags. This not only keeps clothes looking nice, but it gives you less to choose from every morning while getting dressed. Because no one needs a heavy coat come the 4th. Less options, less decisions!

Invite a friend for a styling session

It’s amazing what someone else can see or do with the clothes in your closet. If you’re in a rut but know you have plenty of items, invite a stylish friend over and get her take. Ask her to pick out a few looks for you. She’ll likely pair things that you never would have or might have forgotten about.

Consider capsule

I haven’t gone full capsule (yet), but the thought is extremely intriguing. I follow a few women on Instagram who pick 10 or so items to wear for the month, then they rotate them over and over. The key here is picking quality, transitional items, and I love the idea. It seems to teach us that we can do a lot with what we have, and that one piece can actually be worn multiple ways with just a little creativity.

Would love to hear how you get more out of your current wardrobe, so please share! Also, for anyone else interested in Downy’s Nature Blends (which, hello, you should be), you can try it out with an exclusive offer at Target for 15% off right here. Your clothes will thank me later!

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  1. This blog post was extremely helpful! I’m currently cleaning my closet, and it’s super tiny… I never thought to organize by season (I’d feel like I’m missing something, but I think it’s time for a change)!! Thanks!


  2. Hi Geri! Have Ben reading your blog for years now. Great post. Love the idea of a capsule wardrobe (simplify!). Any ideas on where to look/who to follow to do that?
    Thanks. Xo

  3. Where is your leopard coat from?! Also would love for you to do a “capsule” or “top ten” of your closet. Thanks!

  4. Styling session with a pal. What a fantastic idea! You kill many birds with one stone (catch up with your girls, revamp your wardrobe, enjoy cocktails). All sorts of wins!

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