BIA Readers Share 20+ Things That Make Them Happier

Somehow I totally spaced on putting together this post from last summer (I blame pregnancy brain), but it’s finally here. My bad! We asked readers to chime in on what exactly makes them happy and there were so many amazing answers. I always love hearing from readers (thankful for you!) and it’s so interesting seeing the different things that bring out happiness – and also that there are lots of recurring things in common. So many simple things that we can all bring to our daily lives. Read on for what makes this community happy…

I’m the happiest when I’m successful doing things I love!

For me it would be in nature, with my family and preferably surrounded by lots of dogs. HAHA!

There are 4 things I do to make myself feel happy: get outside, catch up with/hug someone I love, read something, and move my body.

I’m happiest when I wake up at 4am and begin working on my motivational blog. I usually start my day off with 15 min meditating on scripture, then I read a book,then I write my motivational blog. Early mornings I’m energized and my creative juice is flowing.

Happiness for me comes in small forms & big! Whether it’s a warm cup of coffee in the morning while having “me” time and reading blogs, but also planning something to bring all the people I love (friends + family) together by entertaining! I’ve never NOT been happy after working out! Take time to do things for yourself & lastly, GIVE. Giving to others whether tangible or intangible.

I love to walk outside, do a face or hair mask, read, and play with my dog! I also like to write down “happies” from my day each night and I share a few of them in a blog post at the end of the week!

I am happiest around the people that make my happy. Also just going for long drives with the music turned loud!

I’m just happy when my family and friends are well and happy.

I am happiest when caring for my hubby and creating!

My happy things are, in chronological order of the day: Lemon, turmeric, cayenne, cinnamon and black pepper warm tonic; big squishy cuddle with my daughter and planting lots of kisses all over her face (first thing in the am & whenever possible); running with music or a friend; creating healthy meals.

I feel happiest when I’m writing, blogging or taking pictures, had a good workout sesh or just going for a nice walk in the sunshine 🙂

When I need a happiness boost I love hitting up a high-energy barre class with a good dose of Beyonce. Helps to get me out of my head and back into my body!

Exercise (whether that’s a barre class or just a long walk), being in the flow when I’m writing or creating content, connecting with my husband over dinner or good conversation (no screens!), and dedicated downtime.

I’m happiest when I’m dancing–be it at a live music show or around the kitchen. It feels good to move and be expressive!


I happiest when I hear a loved ones voice whether that’s catching up on the phone during my lunch hour or laughing in person together. It reminds me that no matter where we are in the world, we can and will still be close.

Being in a long-distance relationship for one year and a half now, what makes me the happiest is getting a call from my boyfriend to wake me up (his time zone is 5 hours ahead of mine). Being able to see him (even if on video) just when I wake up simply brightens my day.

For me, happiness is all about the little things like cuddling with my man, eating ice cream, meditating, journaling, or watching something funny on TV.

My happy is up bright and early before anyone else gets up. Having a large cup of coffee and front porch sitting with no phone, maybe a book. Being in my own quiet place.

Thank you to everyone who shared! Feel free to share what you makes you  happy in the comments if you missed the first post. And for more thoughts on happiness, you might like this post or this one. xx

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  1. Spending time with my children and my grandchildren!Painting or drawing.Reading a good book,being outside with nature,helping others to name just a fewxo

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