3 Tips On Mindful Eating From The Food Therapist

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of grazing around the kitchen and mindlessly snacking? Or if you scroll through Instagram while eating your lunch? Or if you eat really fast and don’t get the most out of a meal?

Ya, me too! With our busy, distracted lives, it’s not always easy to practice mindful eating, but with a few good tricks and tips up your sleeve, we can certainly try to be better. I sat down with Shira Lenchewski, registered dietitian, friend and author of The Food Therapist and asked her for her tips on mindful eating habits and she has some really great advice:

1. Eat with your non-dominant hand: helps you slow down and pay more attention to eating while you’re eating.

2. Eat with your hands: helps engage all your senses and improve meal memory.

3. Opt to put your food on a plate or a little dish, vs. eating straight from the package. When food is plated it helps make the eating experience feel real, substantial and more satisfying.

My personal favorite is number one. I’ve been trying it myself and it certainly slows you down and makes you enjoy your meal. For more of her tips and tricks, be sure to check out her book, and for three more ideas on mindful eating check out this post.

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