How to Recoup After Traveling

Traveling as an adult can be such a double-edged sword. On one hand, getting away and recharging is obviously amazing. But on the other, coming back from a couple weeks away from your email (and life) can be a hot mess—and one that leads to instant anxiety once you return. To cut down on the stress when you return, I’ve made it a habit to recoup again—after I’m home. Here’s what I do!

Take an extra day off

Even if it means cutting vaca a day short, I always always always make sure I have a day to get my life together post-vaca. Maybe that means flying home on a Saturday or taking an extra day off work, but whatever it takes, I do it. Because there’s nothing worse than getting home and realizing you have to dive into work the very next morning. I spend this extra day doing laundry, going to the grocery, and even slowly diving into work emails.

Unpack right away

Call me crazy, but I’m a big fan of unpacking as soon as I get home. It gives me instant peace of mind and that way I can get back into my normal life ASAP.


Vacations usually mean eating not-so-healthy and having a few too many glasses of vin0—which is fine! It’s the time to do it. But it can also leave me feeling like shit. I like to “detox” when I return, which means drinking a ton of water, eating as many veggies as possible, and skipping booze and sugar. I’ll add in a lot of healthy fats and carbs too to keep my energy up while I get rid of the crap in my system. I’ll do this for a week, at the least.

Boost immunity

Since planes are full of germs, I do my best not to get sick after I return. On top of the nutritious detox, I’ll add in a bunch of extra vitamin C, and I’ll cleanse the air by diffusing oils. I’ll wipe down my luggage, purse, tech, and anything else that might have picked up extra germs, too.


Keep those relaxed vaca vibes going by getting a good amount of sleep before jumping back into work. Sounds obvious, but we’ve all been  guilty of prioritizing Instagram instead of a bed time right? Especially if I’ve been staying up later on my trip.

How do you recoup after travel? LMK!


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  1. I unpack Right away do laundry shop a little take a bath I come home usually on a Friday so That I have time to regroup .

  2. I never thought about wiping down my luggage. I usually unpack and carry everything upstairs and store the my suitcase back in the basement. Oy! Iike to order my groceries while I’m waiting to board, so they’re there by the time I arrive and I make sure to do laundry the same day so I have clean clothes.

    Blu | wellness & healthy living

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