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Personal development is something I’ve tried to keep at the forefront over the years. And even as I age, I believe that one of the keys to growth (both personally and professionally) is having a mentor. Because let’s be honest, figuring life out is harrrrd, so having someone there to answer questions and provide a little guidance never hurts, right? It’s something I’ve done since high school and have met SO many amazing people as mentors.

I don’t think there’s a cap on age either. No matter how old you are, if you don’t already have someone in your life that can fill this role, I challenge you to find one. And it doesn’t even have to be work related. In fact, take a second and think about your life. What areas do you feel like you could use a little direction? Maybe it’s health and wellness or maybe it’s relationships (of any kind) or work—anything. Then search for someone who wouldn’t mind lending some advice in that area. Or even just someone you admire.

How should you find someone you ask? Network! Join groups, attend events or even talk to people you already know and start asking around. Honestly, I’ve had a few people even DM me to meet up for coffee to talk business and I think it’s such an honor! This may sound a touch intimidating, but I promise it’s not, especially once you start to find a grove.

Once you find your mentor, set up a standing coffee date and get to know them. Chances are they’ll enjoy talking to and learning from you just as much as you do them!

Any mentors or mentees out there with more advice?

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  1. As a newer blogger I’ve been pondering over this. How do I find a mentor? How do I get in the room to network? What if they’re out of state? What can I offer my potential mentor? A lot of questions that a inhibiting me from being bold and asking.

    Blu | wellness & healthy living

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