A Simple Trick To Editing Your Closet

Editing Your Closet Editing Your Closet
Cleaning out your closet ​is hard for two reasons. One, finding the time and two, the actual getting-rid-of-things part can be overwhelming. I’m guilty of them both, especially the ladder and have made every excuse in the book as to why I should hold onto something. The truth is, when I hold onto something, 8/10 times I don’t wear it and it just takes up space in my closet and brain.

Last year after a serious purge, I’m talking a 65% of my closet purge (read all about it here), I decided to start constituting a new trick to help me avoid holding onto things going forward and it’s been a game changer (I believe Oprah was the originator of this idea but I’m not really sure as a girlfriend shared it with me).

​Here’s the trick:

1. Hang all your clothing facing the same direction in your closet (I like these velvet hangers because clothing doesn’t slip off of them).

2. After you wear something, turn that article of clothing facing the opposite direction.

3. Give yourself a set time limit (3 months, 6 months, a year if you must!) and remove all of the articles that you haven’t turned/worn.

4. From there, go through the clothing you’ve removed and only keep/store items that you absolutely can not part with and the rest, sell, donate, give away!

Easy, right?

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