Our Teething Survival Guide

To put it bluntly, teething is the worst! Watching your child suffer through the discomfort, irritability and sleeplessness is heart wrenching. They say that if we experienced the same amount of pain as adults, we’d be given morphine. Eeeeeek! To help make our daughter get as comfortable as possible through the pain of teething, I count on a handful of toys, drops and frozen tricks. These are our go-to’s:

Sophie la Girafe

I don’t know if this was designed with teething in mind or if it was a happy accident but Sophie is a gem! The long neck makes it easy for babies to hold while the shape of the face and legs are ideal for soothing the gums. Plus, it’s soft, squeaks, and is easy to wipe down.

Baby Banana Toothbrush

Made of silicone, the teeth on this banana work wonders! Our daughter immediately figured out how to use it to ease her pain, and like Sophie, it’s really easy for babies to hold.

Camilla Drops

Camilia is a safe, natural, one-product solution for painful gums and irritability caused by teething. Camilia’s sterile single-use doses are easy to administer and Camilia is made with no benzocaine, sugar or preservatives.

Wellements Baby Tooth Oil

Made with Organic Olive Oil, Organic Clove Bud Oil, Organic Spearmint Leaf Oil, Organic Rebaudioside, we rub a drop or two right onto the gums and the relief is just about instant. This combined with Camilla is a life saver!

​Frozen wash clothes

I wet and freeze washcloths and store them in individual bags. When she’s in need of some numbing, I slightly rinse them to remove any freezer burn and then let her chew on them until her heart’s content. Ideally with her shirt off or a bib as they drip all over the place.

​Frozen toys

I store a handful of her favorite teething toys like these Comotomo’s, these by Moonjax and these by Loulou Lollipop along with a few pacifiers in the freezer so that they’re nice and cold when she’s in need of some chilled chewing relief.

​Food teethers

This mesh teether by Munchkin and this silicone teether by Boon are excellent to fill with ice or frozen fruit like grapes, watermelon, banana, etc. They are easy to hold, allow for babies to gnaw on foods safely, help ease teething pain and keep them entertained/distracted. I keep one at home and in my diaper bag at all times – it especially comes in handy if we find ourselves out in a restaurant with a restless bebe.

​Breast milk popsicles

I read about breast milk popsicles here and immediately tried them. The key is using baby size molds like these – genius!

What have you found that works for you?

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