9 Ways To Detox This Fall

9 ways to detox this fall

9 ways to detox this fall 9 ways to detox this fall
While summer may not officially be over until September 22, with back to school and Labor Day behind us, it certainly feels like the dog days are over. And if you’re feeling like I’m feeling after all those summer travels, pool parties and BBQ’s, it may be time to detox a bit. From your body to your home and your mind, here are some ideas:

1. Sober September anyone? I’m personally giving up weeknight drinking until further notice…

2. Give up the sugar – here are some tips on how to cut it.

3. Detox and update your space for the cooler months ahead. Brush up on your spring cleaning (perhaps it’s time to start using non-toxic products?), swap out the warmer clothes for colder options, get into fung shui and clear the energy with some sage.

4. Sweat it out in a sauna, steam or detoxifying bath.

5. Add skin brushing into your life. Here’s how.

6. Take a spiritual detox and give up any negative talk – about yourself, about others, about a situation, all of it! Here’s more on this idea.

7. Go on a toxic elimination run – here are 25 ideas plus 25 more here (I’m back on the hot water with lemon tip every morning).

8. Get into a serious workout routine. Whether that’s committing to three days or five – at home or at a gym – commit and GO! Here are some fun workouts to try and if you’re interested in matching your mood to your workout, check out this post.

9. Live your life with less screen time – especially before bed and in the morning. To keep track of how much time you spend on each app go to settings –> battery and under battery usage it breaks down how much time you spend on each app by percentage. Try lowering each of these categories by spending more time OFF your phone.

Good luck!

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