How To Always Be Prepared To Make Smoothies

I feel like I’ve talked about smoothies a thousand times on this site, and it’s because we’re that hooked. We rarely (and I mean rarely) go a day without either my husband or I making one and it’s a go-to breakfast or lunch around here. Even when I was on maternity leave, I kept with my healthy habit. So how do I stick with smoothies 365 days a year – even on the busiest mama days? A little prep like so:

Have shelf staples like almond milk:

For the weeks when Leo was first born, I wasn’t leaving the house. And this often meant I didn’t have refrigerated almondmilk in the house. Instead, I relied heavily on shelf-stable Almond Breeze almondmilk – which doesn’t have to be refrigerated and can live in the pantry for up to a year. Life-savinggg self-staple! I keep a few boxes of this in my pantry at all times, for those mama mornings where I’m out of everything. Plus, the taste is delish!

Store frozen fruit + greens in freezer:

We peel and cut bananas into fourths and then store them in the freezer in case we want fruit in our smoothies – and I’ll freeze whatever other fruit we have left over from the week, too. I actually prefer frozen fruit in mine vs. room temp since it makes everything colder and creamier. We also keep frozen spinach or kale in the freezer in case we run out of the fresh stuff.

Have a to-go smoothie cup:

Not having enough time to enjoy your smoothie at home isn’t reason enough not to make one. We keep two glass to-go cups with lids in our cabinet, and I fill these up if we’ve gotta go, go, go.

Store superfoods together:

I keep all my superfoods in one area of our pantry, right under our Almond Breeze almondmilk. I keep them in glass containers so I have a better gauge on when things are running low. Pro tip: you can mix things like chia and flax seeds in one container to make the process faster.

Automatic delivery:

I’m a big fan of having things like protein powder or collagen delivered every 2 weeks automatically. This way, I always have a supply and I don’t even have to think about ordering when we’re low. Yes plz!

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