Apps That Help Me As A Mom

apps for moms

apps for moms
Can I get a ‘praise be’ for smartphones and all the endless apps that make our lives easier? I have a deeper appreciation as a new mom because fast information and efficiency is at a premium.

From apps that help me understand what my child is experiencing to those that make my life easier, here are four apps that help me as a mom:

Wonder Weeks

Th​is bestselling baby app is a personalized daily calendar of your baby’s development that will keep you informed about the mental leaps and bounds and the fussy phases of your baby — any time of day or night.​

It’s been so helpful with understanding what it is that Leo is going through, how her abilities will evolve in each phase, offers great tips on what to do with her to help her develop (ex: play peek-a-boo) and gives parents a heads up when entering into what they call a “stormy phase.”​ ​It’s won prizes in several countries as ​a best parenting app.


Designed to help moms find breastfeeding- and pumping-friendly locations​, this was very useful in the early days when I wasn’t comfortable feeding in public (I’ve since gotten over this and feed pretty much anywhere).


In some of my old hand-me-down baby books, it suggests buying 800 diapers in advance of your babies arrival. 800! That was clearly written before the explosion of e-commerce and more specifically, Amazon. It’s a life saver for all our needs – diapers, creams, etc. and was such a huge help in those early postpartum days when leaving the house was REALLY impossible but I needed things like breastfeeding supplements and I needed them fast. Thank you and love you forever, Jeff Bezos!

​White Noise

When we’re on the go and Leo has a harder time napping than usual, our white noise app comes to the rescue. It was also useful when our luggage got lost while in Europe which of course had our sound machine

​​Others that I hear are great but don’t personally use: ​BabyConnext, TinyBeans​​ and Kinedu. Which apps help you as a mom?

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