Things I’m Loving

Hiiii! I’m back with the series where I curate all things I’m currently loving or crushing on. Please share anything you’re wearing, reading, or trying in the comments. I’d love to see what’s inspiring you at the moment, too!


What makes up the longevity diet (aka to live a long, healthy life)

Could you remove waste from your life?

BRB, stealing Jenna Dewan’s fitness routine.


Loooove this article on self care postpartum. Yes to all of this!

25 mamas share what they wish they knew before having their bebe.


How to make any outfit more flattering in just a sec.


3 glowy skin secrets for fall, yes plzzzz.

The best clean products for adding moisture to your lips or cheeks. Thank me later k?


5 email mistakes you’re probably making (I definitely was).

Your turn! What are you loving this month?!

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