Things I’m Loving

things i'm loving
One thing I adore about reading blogs and the digital space in general is the ease of consuming quality information. Whether that’s a gorgeous kitchen on Pinterest, an interesting article, a bomb recipe on a food blog, or a hilarious video, the amount of shareable content is inspiring.

Since there’s so much out there—it can even be overwhelming—I wanted to start sharing certain things I’m really into at the moment. This will be a monthly series, and I hope it adds inspo or at least a little happiness each time you read it. Let me know what you think and enjoy!


The best books of 2016.


The 10 Most Important Clean Beauty Swaps

Skincare for every budget.

Fragrances that scream freshness.


Embroidery is definitely the trend of early ‘17.

Flare sleeves are everywhere.


What people want to quit more than smoking in 2017.

Food & drink:

The prettiest pink you’ll ever drink.

A Los Angeles food truck tour. MMMM!


Metallic metal for the home

An update on florals.

Anything I missed that you loved reading this week? Please share!


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  1. Excited to check out that reading list. I’m making it a priority to read more this year, so I’ve been starting every morning and ending each night by picking up a book. It’s already making me so much happier. <3

    Also, that social media thing has been on my mind lately -to put it bluntly, Instagram hasn't been making me feel good. Seeking that balance of using it to connect with others and finding inspiration – but also not letting it waste precious moments of my life.

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