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fall squash

fall squash
Living with a baby, I’m constantly learning something from her. Whether it’s the simple pleasures that make her happy or that a good nap is #life, I love seeing the world through her eyes. When it comes to living well, children just have it figured it out!

Something else that I’ve recently picked up from Leo is actually a practice we instilled for her, which I wrote about here. While introducing solids, we wanted to have her try a variety of fruits, veggies, herbs, and so on. Part of this was to see what sits well and what doesn’t, but we’d also love for her to be a good eater and to eventually eat what we eat.

After a few weeks of focusing on this newness with Leo, I realized I should be doing the same thing for myself! Since then, I’ve been working on trying a new fruit or vegetable each week, usually in the form of a recipe for my husband and I. And to be honest, some of the choices are things we’ve had before, but not for a longgg time or prepared a new way.

We do most of our produce shopping at the farmer’s market, so it’s been a fun journey picking out seasonal produce that I usually skim by. Going to different culture’s markets can open you up to a lot of newness as well – so that’s something I’ll be experimenting with soon.

Do you guys try new produce on the reg? Or do you tend to stick to your favorites? Either way, I hope this inspires you to go outside your bubble. Not only can it introduce a new food love, but eating a variety of fruits and veggies can do wonders for your body nutritionally.

Lemme know how it goes and what your fave new item is!

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  1. I really like the idea of purposefully trying to integrate unfamiliar vegetables into my cooking repertoire and meals. CSA (community supported agriculture) boxes from local farms are a great way to not only support local farms, and eat more seasonally, but also be challenged to eat foods that you maybe wouldn’t normally purchase. For me that was Kohlrabi! It is in the Brassica family, and has such a distinct flavor(hints of cabbage and turnip) and texture (think broccoli stem) that is wonderfully delicious grated in salads, oven roasted with cumin, or even mashed. Search this gem out!

    Enjoying your content as of late!

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