Beauty Bag Essentials For The Holiday Circuit

It’s party time! No but seriously. The holiday party circuit is in full swing and while it would be a dream to have time to get ready for parties, for most of us, the reality is a rushhhhhh. So, here are a few beauty bag essentials to look and feel my best when I don’t have the chance to wash my face and start a new:

1. A good face mist

If I don’t have time to wash my face, a little spritz of a face mist helps me feel refreshed. A few favorites: Kahina Giving Beauty Moroccan Rose Water, Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Face Mist and True Botanicals Calm Nutrient Mist.

2. NARS & W3LL People concealer

The NARS soft matte concealer is not the cleanest, but it certainly is the best. Between that and layering W3LL People’s bio-correct, I could fool just about anyone into believing my child sleeps through the night (which she absolutely does not!).

3. RMS Pop Collection

I’ve talked about RMS, specifically the eye polish used as highlighter, a million times, but it’s that good! Luckily for us they make a small palette called Pop which includes bronzer, blush, highlighter and lip balm aka everything you need. For a healthy glow, I tap a combo of them onto my cheeks, over my eyelids, down my nose, and on my cupid’s bow. This palette instantly makes everyone looking healthier, glow-ier and all around happy IMO.

4. Kosas lipsticks

If I look especially tired, nothing helps me more than a good lip color, and KOSAS are still my favorite. The non-toxic lipsticks come in the most beautiful of colors and I especially love Thrillest for the holidays. Bonus: use a really good lip scrub (I like this one) in preparation for holiday parties followed by a hydrating balm so the day of the party, your lips are flawless.

5. Non-toxic deodorant

Because let’s be honest, we’re probably hugging tons of people and want to smell our best. Here is a list of my favorite clean non-toxic deodorants.

6. A small sample of your favorite perfume

Carrying an entire bottle of perfume around is just silly, so I like to get samples of my signature scent to keep in my bag for holiday circuits, short travels, etc. A little dab and boom, so fresh!

7. A quick meditation

Not to get all woo-woo on you, but if you want to look your best, it’s just as much an inside job as it is an outside one. After you rush to get ready, close your eyes and do a brief meditation to calm your face, nerves and energy. If you need a little extra help try an app like Calm. I promise this is the #1 most important thing you could do for yourself.

8. Sincerely Jules turban headband

No time to for your hair? Pop in a chic headband like this one for a sophisticated and regal look.

What’s in your holiday bag?

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