LIVE WELL: Snail Mask

Yes, you read the title of this post right. Today, we’re talking about a new type of face mask to add to your life – and it’s made with snail secretion, as in the slimy things that come out in the rain. Before you roll your eyes, know that it’s the latest trend in the Korean skin market, and coming from the country who kills the skincare game, it’s worth trying. At least I was down!

So why snails? Lots of reasons. Namely, the secretion they produce can resurface your skin (kinda like retinols but for less of an investment and in a more gentle way), and it’s chock full of healthy nutrients like protein and my personal fave, hyaluronic acid. Pack all that into a face mask and you’re giving your complexion ultimate hydration, lessening the look of scars and pigmentation, and energizing your skin. All things I’m always looking to address, personally.

Sold yet? Even if you’re not, you can try snail masks for cheap. For my sheet mask girls, I like this one ($17 for 10 sheets). If you like a more traditional face mask, this option is $12.

Thank me later!

Image via Byrdie

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